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Who’s behind U.S. “food safety” bills?

Here’s an interesting personal history of the personalities who are attempting to bring America into a new era of so called “food safety”. This is excerpted from a much longer piece on the Farmwars blog titled “The 2009 Food ‘Safety’ Bills Harmonize Agribusiness Practices in Service of Corporate Global Governance“:

Will we be seeing signs like this across America in the years to come? Photo by Rose Atkinson via Pbase.com (picture is from Western Australia)

Will we be seeing signs like this across America in the years to come once new "food safety" bills become law? Photo is by Rose Atkinson via Pbase.com (She took this picture in Western Australia)

“……After a series of well-publicized cases of food contamination – E. coli-tainted meat, melamine-adulterated pet food and baby formula, salmonella-infected peanut butter – the public has been well primed to look toward Congress to fix a poorly funded and insufficiently staffed food safety inspection system.   And, right on cue, a crop of “food safety” bills gets dumped our way.  The most controversial and transformational of these pieces of legislation, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro’s HR 875, can be traced directly to recommendations made by the Trust for America’s Health, a non-profit organization sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Continue reading

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