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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt keynote speaker at Canadian Holistic Nutrition conference, Toronto May ’09

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt was keynote speaker at Friday’s Opening Gala for the Canadian Holistic Nutrition conference in Toronto May 22, 2009. According to Orly Dinar who helped organize Michael’s participation in the event, Michael was able to inspire the audience of holistic nutritionists to care about agriculture and the essential role it plays in healthy nutrition. 

Farmer Michael Schmidt at the podium.

Farmer Michael Schmidt at the podium.

One example Orly recounted from Michael’s talk was his description of how he could put his hand out and catch some manure as it comes from one of his grass and hay-fed dairy cattle and how he could then turn his hand over and let the manure fall to the ground. Then looking at his hand, you would not be able to see any trace of the manure left. Try this with a conventionally-managed dairy farm and it would be a whole different story. Here are some of the pictures Orly took to share with readers of the Bovine: Continue reading

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