Swine flu is more lethal for fat people

So what does it mean that Swine flu is more lethal to fat people? Think about who is fat in the U.S. — it’s mostly the poor, uneducated minorities. Wouldn’t the Swine flu and its vaccine be convenient tools for those secret-government elites to wipe these people off the face of the earth in a serious stab at “population reduction”.

The black figure in this painting is symbolic of urban black America, tortured by McDonalds, Kentucky Fried and government sponsored lotteries. From the website foodmuseum.com. Painting by Slowinsky Fat Black Guy 1995.

The black figure in this painting is symbolic of urban black America, tortured by McDonalds, Kentucky Fried, etc. From foodmuseum.com. By Slowinsky -- "Fat Black Guy" 1995.

Here’s some material from a compilation titled “Is Swine Flu for wiping dumb people off the planet?”. This report is assembled from the work of many authors and researchers, and its authors seek to protect all the people of the United States and the world from harm. 

“(NaturalNews) The fact that nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults are clinically obese is worrisome for a whole new reason: Evidence emerging from a hospital in Michigan (and published by the CDC) appears to indicate that obese patients may be very easily killed by swine flu.

In the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s report on death and disease, researchers documented the case of ten swine flu patients at a Michigan hospital who became so ill they were put on ventilators. Three of the patients ultimately died from the infection. The kicker? Nine of the ten were obese, and two of the three who died were severely obese.

As reported by Reuters, CDC virologist Dr. Tim Uyeki said, “What this suggests is that there can be severe complications associated with this virus infection, especially in severely obese patients.”

Notably, five of the patients showed evidence of blood clots in their lungs, indicating severe cellular trauma in the lungs. Nine of the patients suffered from multiple organ failure, and six experienced kidney failure.

Read the rest of this story on Natural News (may require free signup)

“In the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s report on death and disease, researchers documented the case of ten swine flu patients at a Michigan hospital who became so ill they were put on ventilators. Three of the patients ultimately died from the infection. The kicker? Nine of the ten were obese, and two of the three who died were severely obese.”

Who is fat in this country?

Its not just black men who are fat in America today.

It's not just black men who are fat in America today.

“African-American, American Indian and Hispanic-American women have the highest risk of becoming overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Only one minority group, Asian Americans, has a lower rate of obesity than the general population.

“In fact, the results of a national study released in 1996 show that more than half of all African-American and Hispanic women in the United States are already above what is considered a healthy body weight.  …

“For Caucasian women, the figures are slightly lower with 49 percent considered overweight and 24 percent, obese.

“And why the prevalence of obesity among minority women? In the past, researchers have focused on health differences between African Americans and Caucasians using race as the major determinant. But as the rate of obesity has skyrocketed in women of all races, scientists began to realize that they had to look at other factors, such as education and socioeconomic level, to determine the cause and develop intervention plans.

“People don’t like to think about the idea that one is identified by social class or social stratification,” Dr. Nancy Adler explained. Adler is the director of the John T. and Catherine D. MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Socioeconomic Status and Health, which was formed in 1997 to study the connection between health and socioeconomic status.

“Recent research shows that social class measured by income and education can be more powerful than genetics in predicting future health problems, including obesity.”

A geography of obesity in America.

Who's fat in America today? -- regional distribution of obesity.


So the flu would not just be killing fat people, but poor and uneducated people – “dumb people.”

“Billionaire entrepreneur Kevin Trudeau said that elitists and Bilderberg members who he had personally conversed with spoke of their desire to see “two-thirds of the dumb people” wiped off the planet.

When it comes to swine flu, things are not always what they seem.

When it comes to the swine flu, things are not always what they seem to be!

“Elitists veil their agenda with the humanitarian rhetoric of the need to naturally reduce world population by means of contraception and education, whereas in reality, as we have exhaustively documented, their program has its origins in the inhumane pseudo-science of eugenics which first flourished in Britain, and the ideology of racial and genetic superiority that was later adopted by the Nazis with the aid of Rockefeller funding.”


“Trudeau said that the elite was divided into two camps, one larger faction that, ‘Categorically believes they are genetically superior than the rest of the population,’ and another smaller faction, mainly comprising of younger people, that are feeding Trudeau information who, “Have come to the conclusion that some people are smarter than others, some people are more talented than others, some people are more motivated to work….but everyone should be allowed to succeed or fail based on their own choices or initiative….and that’s where there’s a split and a division right now at the highest levels,’ said Trudeau.”


Given the confluence of obesity with race, poverty and lack of education, could there be a luckier way for elitist racist eugenicists to be rid of so many groups repugnant to them at the same time, than for a flu to kill fat people?

But is it just “dumb luck”?

Seems this might be a case of making one’s own luck.

“Retired Australian researcher Adrian Gibbs, who played a leading role in the development of Tamiflu®, a highly-effective anti-flu drug, theorized on May 12, 2009 that the new strain of A/H1N1 likely escaped from a laboratory setting because it exhibited characteristics “of having undergone ‘accelerated evolution’ such as what happens when flu viruses try to adapt to growth in eggs” during vaccine studies.[2] Although The World Health Organization (WHO) swiftly ruled out Mr. Gibbs’ theory a day later, it is implausible that sufficient research to ascertain a conclusion could be completed in only 24 hours. …

This looks like a particularly bad case of the swine flu. But it may just be a clever photo illustration.

This looks like a particularly bad case of the swine flu. But it may just be a clever photo illustration.

“When A/H1N1’s existence had been firmly established in the United States by May 10, 2009, Wisconsin and Illinois had nearly a third of the country’s cases. Since then Wisconsin has consistently led the nation despite its population of 5,627,967 based on July 2008 estimates versus the larger states – California, Texas, New York, Illinois and even Michigan with July 2008 populations of 36,755,666, 24,326,974, 19,490,297, 12,901,563 and 10,003,422, respectively. By June 12, 2009 when dispersion had set in, Wisconsin and Illinois still accounted for more than a quarter of U.S. cases. Demographically speaking this disproportionate caseload makes little sense. However, when Madison, WI is viewed as the point of origin, the two-State caseload provides incontrovertible evidence of the virus’ inception. …

“… conclusive evidence exists that the outbreak of A/H1N1 swine flu that has led to the WHO’s first pandemic declaration in 41 years, was created synthetically and likely can be traced back to IMV’s lab in Madison, WI.”


And if “getting rid of the wrong kind of people” or experimenting on hapless victims and killing them sounds unpleasantly familiar, so should the company developing the swine flu – Baxter/Bayer.  It was part of IG Farben, the giant German pharmaceutical and chemical company that funded Hitler’s attack on the world, provided the gas for the gas chambers at Auschwitz, and killed prisoners there with untested and unknown vaccines. 


Baxter/Bayer is still being investigated by the World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Control as to why, and how, they mixed live avian flu (H5H1) viruses with a human flu (H3N2) viruses, which, had they been administered, could have set of a global pandemic earlier this year. According to authorities, this contamination could not have been a mistake due to industry and government enforced lab safety protocols designed to prevent such contamination.”


Meanwhile, medical staff in Poland are “being investigated for medical trials on as many as 350 homeless and poor people last year, which prosecutors say involved an untried vaccine to the highly-contagious virus.”

Could this be one of those homeless Polish research subjects?

Could this be one of those homeless Polish research subjects we keep hearing about?

“Authorities claim that the alleged victims received £1-2 to be tested with what they thought was a conventional flu vaccine but, according to investigators, was actually an anti bird-flu drug. The director of a Grudziadz homeless centre, Mieczyslaw Waclawski, told a Polish newspaper that last year, 21 people from his centre died, a figure well above the average of about eight.”


If wiping out non-desirables and racial groups never stopped being on some agendas, a vaccine to kill fat people would take care of black people, brown people, Indians, women of many races, and poor, “dumb” people.  No trains or death camps needed, just everyone scared out of their wits by their own governments and world organizations about a flu that isn’t normally threatening, eager to line up with their children for vaccines that may very well be.  

Once, people lined up for showers.  The promise of hygiene or public health seem to get people to go along willingly.  But if that doesn’t encourage everyone into line, Homeland Security can declare an emergency and the vaccines would be mandatory.

The timing certainly couldn’t be more right, since in “a study published in 1996, the US Air Force proposed a pandemic in 2009.” 


For a summary of what may be going on, read “Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder” 


The charges are leveled against our government, the Rockefellers, the Gates Foundation, the WHO, Homeland Security, the drug companies, and many more and there are 100 and more pages of evidence included.


So what are they planning to do with all those dead bodies:

And now a couple of press releases from someone who’s doing something positive about the flu propaganda situation in America:

Dr. Horowitz Matches Federal Government Award for Best Swine Flu Video

Sandpoint, ID–The world’s leading author of information about emerging pandemics is matching a $2500 contest award posted by the U.S. Federal Government to encourage the best use of YouTube for public education regarding vaccinations and more natural protections this swine flu season.

Besides 240 flu warnings posted on YouTube, Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s best-selling books, DVDs, and documentary films, including In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism, detail how laboratory viruses end up infecting global populations. Expecting the Obama administration’s video contest to be biased in favor of vaccines, the veteran natural healing expert and staunch vaccine risk awareness crusader is matching the government’s award for YouTube uploads in the “Natural Prevention and Non-Propaganda” category.

Dr. Horowitz believes the foisting of “fast-tracked,” poorly-tested, experimental vaccines on the public reflects genocidal profiteering by political special interests, not proven public health provisions. The Harvard-trained doctor encourages natural alternatives to toxic, often deadly, vaccinations, including widespread use of a drug industry suppressed silver hydrosol he helped formulate. He also encourages better hygiene, pH adjusted hydration, oxygenation, and immunity-building through good nutrition.

Two years ago, when the Department of Homeland Security allied with the Department of Health and Human Services to broadcast their History of Bioterrorism using Dish Network, Dr. Horowitz became outraged. Appalled by the “deadly propaganda” he viewed, he spent the next 6 months preparing a rebuttal titled, In Lies We Trust. In this feature-length documentary, he edited famous Hollywood film footage with critical commentaries to show how Americans are conditioned to accept new drugs and vaccines that poison and kill.

Otherwise known as “genocide”, “profitable population reduction,” or “population control,” Dr. Horowitz’s evidence shows those profiting most from vaccination recommendations are the least trustworthy foreign corporations and politicians.

“It is one thing to tell Americans, ‘Get prepared for the coming flu season,’ and another to violate common sense and the public’s trust,” Dr. Horowitz said. “The government’s vaccination recommendations, and explanations of how this swine flu emerged, lack accuracy and general credibility. Their propaganda is insensitive to audiences who are already depressed and phobic. Flu frights prompt serious psychopathologies, pharmaceutical dependencies, and vaccine injuries. They restrict life, liberty, and everyone’s pursuit of happiness. It is gross government official malfeasance to continue neglecting these hard cold scientifically-proven facts.”

Information for YouTube video contestants can be found at FLUscam.com. The $2500 winner of Dr. Horowitz’s challenge can select payment in cash or OxySilver, far more valuable in saving lives and preventing vaccine injuries.

And some further material from another press release from the same source:

FLUscam.com Launches 24/7 News and Views to Counter Federal Fiascos

Los Angeles, CA–A new 24/7 broadcasting channel providing news and views contrary to the U.S. Federal Government’s persuasive swine flu propaganda agenda has been launched at FLUscam.com.

Days after a leading author of information about emerging pandemics matched a $2500 contest award posted by the U.S. Federal Government to encourage the best use of YouTube for public education regarding vaccinations and more natural protections this swine flu season, FLUscam.com is being launched to broadcast news, commentaries, musical performances, and comedy coverage of the swine flu pandemic. 

FLUscam.com is already broadcasting nearly two hours of submissions to be judged by a team of government whistleblowers and watchdogs supporting complementary and alternative healing organizations benefiting from the mass exodus of patients from medical methods of “disease control.”

Everything good and natural is being covered-up and neglected,” Dr. Horowitz said on behalf of FLUscam.com viewers. “Only idiots would trust their governments to administer Baxter’s blood-borne intoxications called “flu vaccinations” to allegedly “immunize” against man-made bioweapons created for depopulation by the same cartel that rejoices in mass murder.” 

Rejecting the Obama administration’s vaccine rhetoric, Harvard School of Public Health graduate, Len Horowitz, encourages natural alternatives to poisonous medicines including OxySilver, a drug industry suppressed silver hydrosol that is the leading seller in the over-the counter marketplace. Dr. Horowitz also recommends sure-fired ways to prevent flus including hygiene methods, alkalizing body water, oxygenation, and immunity-building through good nutrition. See his “FLU FACTS” page on FLUscam.com.

And now something not directly related — this is an example which illustrates the kind of reckless experiments on people that fly right under the radar of the corporate media:

Was this a beta-test for some kind of biological warfare? Or what else could it be? (from Conspiracy Culture.com)

Lead picture is from Food Museum page “The History and Art of Being Fat”


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  1. thebovine

    The New World Order Gang is real — further reading: http://www.foundingfather1776.com/

    See story: “Al Gore, Bloviating Blowhard + New World Order Coin + Mandatory Flu Shots; Yes Virginia, The New World Order Gang is REAL!”

  2. thebovine

    “School-age children will be a key target population for a pandemic flu vaccine in the fall, and they may be vaccinated at school in a mass campaign not seen since the polio epidemics of the 1950s…”

    Says Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/09/AR2009070900353.html

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  5. your website sucks monkey nuts………….(that means it rocks):):):):):

  6. anne onesi

    The propaganda was unreal…it brought the sheeple out in droves. I tell you Darwin was right- this is survival of the fittest! It was sad to see who they targetted- mothers pregnant or dragging their children for this thermerisol laden needle! I await the cosequences of asthma, allergies, adhd, and autism that will plague this young generation. Poor kids never had a chance!

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