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Tiered raw milk regulations in Vermont

Here’s an excerpt from a recent report from Vermont Public Radio on new raw milk regulations coming into effect there and the effect they’re likely to have on farmers. Vermont is instituting a tiered system with regulations differing according to the scale of production.

Raw milk from Turkey Hill farm. Photo from Turkey Hill Farm website.

Raw milk from Turkey Hill farm. Photo - Turkey Hill Farm website.

“….VPR’s Steve Zind reports.

(Zind) Raw milk makes up just a tiny part of the sales of Vermont dairy products.  But advocates say with the growth of small scale agriculture it’s important to make it easier for farmers to market and sell products like raw milk directly to consumers.

(Osha) “So this is our milk room, or milk house, whatever you want to call it.”

(Zind) Stewart Osha and his wife Margaret are a case in point.  They milk three cows on their Turkey Hill Farm in Randolph Center where they also produce everything from maple syrup to meat.  

The Oshas milking parlor looks pristine.  Nearby there’s a tidy little shop with a few gallons of raw milk in the refrigerator. 

(Osha) “Wow!  Somebody’s been here today! This was full this morning.”

(Zind) The new law establishes two tiers of raw milk producers.  There are standards for farms selling less than 50 quarts a day and additional regulations for large producers selling up to a maximum of 40 gallons a day. The regulations are designed to assure the safety of the product because of concerns over bacteria that could pose a health risk in unpasteurized milk Continue reading

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