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Small-town Canada is also being denied the benefits of raw milk — readers write

Here’s a recent letter to the editor of the Cornwall Standard Freeholder titled “We’re being denied benefits of raw milk“:

“One of the great debates going on right no in the United States is the raw milk debate.

The one thing our government wants to protect us from, it seems, is raw milk. They don’t seem to do much else. Do they still regularly check restaurants and grocers for temperature controls and cleanliness to the standards that they used to? I think not.

Government-sanctioned big business seems to have sacrificed health benefits totally in favour of public food safety.

To keep costs down (and profits up) everything is done on a larger scale these days. Milk from many cows and different farms is all put together and boiled or pasteurized. If one cow was infected then the whole batch is infected. Such is the nature of bacteria. If a small farmer with few cows has a problem cow, the source of the problem can be isolated and taken care of.

Pasteurization on bulk raw milk makes sense, but the small farmer is being shut out of a needed specialty market by corporate paranoia.

It’s not just the health benefits of raw milk products that we are being denied. Stevia, an all-natural sweetener and perfectly safe, is banned from commercial use while dangerous artificial sweeteners flood the market with cheap, highly profitable and unhealthy food (deemed safe).

I was in Halifax and spent $100 on cheeses made with raw milk. Having eaten it all, I feel great. Go figure.”

Raven Van Leishout,



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