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AVMA’s Seattle Raw milk symposium: David E. Gumpert and Amanda Rose

Here is some material from the presentations by author David E. Gumpert of the Complete Patient blog and Dr. Amanda Rose, who writes for the Ethicurean. Dr. Rose was commissioned by the American Veterinary Medicine Association to do a study on raw milk consumers and to present the results at the recent AVMA symposium in Seattle. The following material is excerpted from David’s “The Complete Patient” blog:

Opening slide of David E. Gumpert's powerpoint presentation at the AVMA Symposium.


Some generally accepted facts about the incidence of raw-milk-related illnesses.

Some generally accepted facts about the incidence of raw-milk-related illnesses. Again, from David E. Gumpert's powerpoint presentation to the AVMA Raw Milk Symposium in Seattle, Summer 2009.

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Trick or Treat? — Swine Flu H1N1 v2.0 along with compulsory vaccines — all in time for Hallowe’en? More on the story:

Here is a roundup of thoughts from various sources on the planned swine flu epidemic and what it portends. First, a July 21, 2009 story from Jane Burgermeister, the science journalist who recently brought charges of attempted mass murder against the WHO and others agencies and corporations. We found this on globalreasearch.ca. If you can stand to read just one more story on the subject, read this one. It’s that important:

WHO moves forward in secrecy to accomplish forced vaccination and population agenda

Will October be a turning point in the publics perception of the value of vaccination?

Will October 2009 be a turning point in the public's perception of the dangers of compulsory vaccination?

The WHO has refused to release the Minutes of a key meeting of an advisory vaccine group – packed with executives from Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi – that recommended compulsory vaccinations in the USA, Europe and other countries against the artificial H1N1 “swine flu” virus this autumn. In an email this morning, a WHO spokesperson claimed there are no Minutes of the meeting that took place on July 7th in which guidelines on the need for worldwide vaccinations that WHO adopted this Monday were formulated and in which Baxter and other pharma executives participated.

Under the International Health Regulations, WHO guidelines have a binding character on all of WHO’s 194 signatory countries in the event of a pandemic emergency of the kind anticipated this autumn when the second more lethal wave of the H1N1 virus — which is bioengineered to resemble the Spanish flu virus — emerges.

In short: WHO has the authority to force everyone in those 194 countries to take a vaccine this fall at gunpoint, impose quarantines and restrict travel. Continue reading


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