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Duck hunting with Megan Nix — “To know what something is, you need to know where it comes from….”.

Here’s another great story by Denver food editor Megan Nix, excerpted from the Denver Post where it’s called “Convenience vs Ethics in Food Choices“:

The author, from the about page of her blog, considering some food choices.

Picture from the "about" page of Megan Nix's blog (www.megannix.com) -- considering food choices.

“My grandpa’s dog Gretchen was for hunting, not for loving. She spent more time outside than she did with humans, and I had to trap her in the closet to pet her

I’d roll my knuckles down her ridged spine and whisper nice things to her, but she would just stare out the yellow crack in the closet, indifferent and distanced. She didn’t seem to mind her relegation to the animal world. It was around then that I decided not to mind my place in the food chain, either.

Grandpa gave the pheasants to my grandma with one hand under their heads and the other cradling their slick, limp bodies. She lowered them into thyme and butter, shoulder to shoulder in a casserole dish.

My grandparents taught me that animals deserve tenderness, but that we also use them to enhance our lives.

At that time, a meal’s setting started with the rustling of reeds, the first V of wings over a sunlit lake. Today, it reads like this: a vacant field and a factory’s long shadow. Stench and slaughter. Chemical injections, electric probes, polio. Continue reading


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