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Glencolton Farms Tour + Free Contest

The Bovine is pleased to present the following report from Michael Schmidt:

Guess which of these people is the health inspector.

Guess which of these people is the health inspector.

The Ecological Farmers of Ontario had a farm tour last Saturday at Glencolton Farms. In Attendance were about 35 interested people from all over Ontario including a few locals who heard about it on the radio. It was a pleasant surprise to also meet amongst them a health inspector from our local health unit. 

It was great to show and explain to him in detail our cow share operation. I explained testing procedures and fundamental basic procedures in relation to hygiene and common sense approach to food production. The “cheese man Wales” explained the processing in our picture perfect little dairy.

Markus at great length laid out our 20 years of breeding of the Canadienne cow and the Texas- Red Wattle pig. Elisa showed the garden, the bakery and talked about our Co-operative structure and ownership of the farm. Continue reading


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