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Sissy Farmer, Joel Salatin, speaks out

Joel Salatin is becoming something of a minor celebrity, having been featured in Michael Pollan’s book and in the recent Food Inc. documentary. Here’s an excerpt from a recent story about his work, from the Portland Mercury, titled “Everything Joel Salatin does is illegal”. Video below is not directly related to the story, although it does feature Joel Salatin speaking.

“….One of our bedrock values is that we’re trying to use nature as a template in a commercial domestic production model. Look, for example, at herbivores. They don’t eat fermented forage, like silage, they don’t eat grain, and they certainly don’t eat chicken manure, dead chickens or dead cows [all common food in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations].

So, if we’re going to raise herbivores, we’re going to not feed those kinds of things to them. We’re also going to look at herds of herbivores in nature and determine how they live, what they eat, and what they do. Continue reading

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