Power out, barn destroyed, and trees uprooted after tornado ripped through second farm of raw milk man Michael Schmidt near Durham Ontario

Michael Schmidt is looking for volunteer help from cowshare members and friends to help clear tornado damage which includes a busted barn and many downed trees on a 200 acre farm which he rents and which is located just down the road from the main farm. Fortunately, heifers who were out in a field when the tornado passed through Thursday afternoon, were not harmed.

Tornado damage in Durham Ontario. Photo: Dave Chidley, The Canadian Press. Click on image to see more tornado damage photos on Globe and Mail website.

Tornado damaged building in Durham Ontario. Photo: Dave Chidley, The Canadian Press, via Globe and Mail story. Click on image to see more tornado damage photos on Globe and Mail website.

Power has been out at both farms since yesterday afternoon and is not expected to be restored quickly as there are big trees lying across the downed powerlines. Even the wind generator that Michael installed last year is not working since it is tied into a net-metering system and can only generate power when the grid is functioning.

Yesterday the cows were milked by hand and farm staff were using lanterns and candles to find their way around in the dark. Yesterday Michael Schmidt was at Site 41 near Elmvale protesting the soon-to-be opened dump. Michael first learned that a tornado had hit Durham from the officers who arrrested him there (see yesterday’s story). It was evening by the time Michael got back to the farm and it wasn’t until this morning that he was able to survey the extent of damage.

We hope to have more photos and further details on the situation later today or tomorrow.

The same violent storm also ripped through the Toronto area. See reports below:

Toronto Star: Violent Storm rips through GTW; 1 dead near Owen Sound

Owen Sound Sun Times: Tornados blast area (with video)

Globe and Mail: Tornadoes touch down in Ontario

From the Globe story by Josh Wingrove:

“One witness said he helped perform CPR on a teenage boy after a tent he was in collapsed in the Durham conservation area. The boy was covered in blood, and was pronounced dead at the scene, the man said.

Dan Sullivan, deputy mayor of the Municipality of West Grey, which includes Durham, confirmed that one person had died but would not comment on such witness accounts.
“At this point, there has been a fatality reported to us,” he said…..”


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3 responses to “Power out, barn destroyed, and trees uprooted after tornado ripped through second farm of raw milk man Michael Schmidt near Durham Ontario

  1. cowboss

    Dam, as if this news is not bad enough, I see that the Feds are out with their Anti-Raw milk campaign again! I just see it as So Sad that these regulators who are So happy to slam a wholesome product are So eager to allow Shit fed beef from the US to be sold to, and served to Canadian consumers!! Go figure!

    cowboss http://cowbossatwscc.blogspot.com/

    — the press release today from the feds

    Government Warns Canadians of Raw Milk Risks
    OTTAWA, CANADA – Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is reminding Canadians not to drink raw (unpasteurized) milk.

    Several different kinds of bacteria that could be found in raw milk, such as Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria, have been linked to food-borne illness. These bacteria can lead to very serious health conditions ranging from fever, vomiting and diarrhea to life-threatening kidney failure, miscarriage and death. Children, pregnant women, the elderly and individuals with compromised immune systems are particularly at risk.

    Because of these health concerns, the Food and Drug Regulations require that all milk available for sale in Canada be pasteurized. Pasteurization kills the organisms that cause disease while keeping the nutritional properties of milk intact. Raw milk has not been treated to make it safe. It also is not fortified with vitamin D.

    Pasteurized milk is an important food and contains many nutrients essential for good health, including protein, calcium and added vitamin D.

    Unpasteurized milk has historically been linked to many serious diseases. However, the number of food-borne diseases from milk has dramatically decreased since pasteurization of milk was made mandatory by Health Canada in 1991.

    The sale of raw milk is strictly prohibited under the Food and Drug Regulations. Raw milk cheese is allowed for sale and considered safe because the manufacturing process for cheese helps to eliminate many pathogens found in raw milk.

    Although raw milk is not allowed to be sold in Canada, people have become ill after drinking raw milk when visiting farms. Some dairy farmers are also consuming milk from their own animals. While pasteurized milk is now the standard, there are some Canadians who continue to prefer raw milk because of perceived health benefits. However, any possible benefits are far outweighed by the serious risk of illness from drinking raw milk, says CFIA.

    TheCattleSite News Desk

  2. thebovine

    Did astrological factors figure in this storm?


  3. noactive

    Power out, barn destroyed, and trees uprooted after tornado ripped through second farm of raw milk man Michael Schmidt near Durham Ontario .Thanks for nice post. I added to my twitter.

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