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Visiting Canadian finds raw milk is “just another roadside attraction” in Vermont

Here’s a charming little “what I did on my vacation” essay from Toronto Dowsers head honcho Marilyn Gang:

Imagine finding signs like this along the road in Ontario.

Imagine finding signs like this along the road in Ontario.

I recently returned from a lovely 3 weeks in NY and Vermont, attended the Dowsers convention, and a brief event in Vermont boggled my little brain and I would like to share this with you:

At the checkout line in a Manchester, Vermont supermarket (Shaw’s), the bag boy — about 15 was rosy cheeked, and friendly and I could tell he was excited about something. When I asked him what it was, this sweet young
man said “We are moving our cows to the Addison County Fair (Vermont’s largest agricultural fair, celebrating their 60th year as a family oriented community tradition.) tomorrow.”

When I told him I was from Toronto, he said he’s also excited at [ in 2010] attending the big — Jersey or Guernsey event in Ontario.

Even though I had lived in Vermont I was not too clear on the milk rules in Vermont. I asked him if it was possible to get real milk in the area and he responded: “Sure. Just go up the road to Dorset. You’ll see a barn on the side of the road with a sign.”
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