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Urban farming changes the landscape

Urban farming advocate Will Allen introduces the concept in this YouTube clip:

Life, Art and Chickens, Afloat in the Harbour — an excerpt from the NY Times story;


The social dimension is very much a part of the Waterpod "mix". P: Michael Nagle for The NY Times

“Over two live-in visits a month apart, this reporter became one of the crew, pitching in on the dome cover-raising and daily tasks like feeding the chickens — four hens produce breakfast, lunch and dinner — and tending the vegetable gardens that line the boat’s rails. Continue reading


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Why everyone’s so upset about Site 41

Here is a message from Michael Schmidt:

Dear Friends

I urge you to read this piece of information, so that you understand why I have taken and will take more drastic actions in the near future. Go to the website http://stopdumpsite41.ca/ try to understand how crucial immediate actions are.

All the best to all of you

Regards Michael Schmidt

What’s the big deal about the water?

In 2006, University of Heidelberg Professor William Shotyk, a world-renowned scientist whose research sets an international benchmark for measuring the effects of human activities on water, tested the water at Dumpsite 41. Continue reading

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