Michael Schmidt released from jail after second Site 41 arrest earlier this week

This just in from Marianne Else:

Hi Everyone

I just came from the court house in Barrie, where Michael Schmidt had his bail hearing.

He was released, at noon today Aug 27, 2009, into the custody of his son Markus who was there to take a weakend Michael home. 7 other supporters of Dump Site 41 were there to make sure that Michael would be released after 3 days of fasting in jail, as Michael – on principle – does not eat or drink anything when arrested.

They had him under surveilance in Penetang because of the health issues involved. He came into the courtroom in handcuffs, I was pretty shocked as I had never seen anybody in handcuffs.

As he came out of the court room a reporter from the Barrie paper asked Michael to have an interview, while his son went to get him some water…. He is not allowed to come into Simcoe County until the court proceedings are over. The dates are Sept 17 and Oct 8, 2009.

The other thing I did not know was that they do bail hearings by video, so they have a webcam and and a TV screen in the court room and the judge talks to the prisoner through the video technology from the court room to whatever prison is involved..

Many THANKS and blessings to everyone who supported Michael in this cause

Marianne in Hawkeston by the lovely shores of Lake Simcoe

PS You can also see some more videos on my YouTube channel:


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2 responses to “Michael Schmidt released from jail after second Site 41 arrest earlier this week

  1. thebovine

    Missing link stories:

    Michael and Andrea arrested Aug 25, 09: http://stopdumpsite41.ca/?p=928

    Raw milk advocate begins hunger strike: http://stopdumpsite41.ca/?p=947

  2. thebovine

    Another news story link from Midland Free Press:


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