Site 41 victory — council votes for one-year moratorium on dump over aquifer

Yesterday’s news, reported today on the Bovine. Again from Marianne Else:

Dear Everybody,
I have just come from the Simcoe County Council Chambers and first of all the council voted to have all charges reversed that had been laid by the OPP police against all who had been arrested including the 350 000 dollar fine for Vicky M, so Michael Schmidt should be included in this also……

The council session started at 11 am and by 11:30am we were asked to leave chambers because the council wanted an in camera session for half an hour which turned out to be 3 hours before we were let back in.

The people from the Council of Canadians ( Maude Barlow) finally sent out for pizza as we had no lunch. Council meanwhile had lunch brought in and they kept working in camera.

Finally we were let back in at 2:30 pm and it took then until 6 pm when the majority of the council voted for a 1 year moratorium and they will meet again next month to MAYBE abandon Site 41 altogether…..lets hope — because otherwise they’ll have to spend money to winterize the site which means they have to put all the clay back etc….

So for now everyone was happy and very very relieved….

Many many blessings to everyone

from Marianne in Hawkestone

PS I just spoke to Markus Schmidt and he now knows that Michael should be released from Jail….


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2 responses to “Site 41 victory — council votes for one-year moratorium on dump over aquifer

  1. thebovine

    Media coverage of this development:

    People power trumps dump in Toronto Sun:

    Nobody expected the little people to win — Globe and Mail:

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