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Organic Pastures’ Mark McAfee on raw milk issues & the Michael Schmidt case

Mark McAfee is not only one of America’s leading exponents of raw milk, he also operates the largest-scale raw milk dairy in the United States and possibly the world. This is an excerpt from a piece recently published by Kimberly Hartke on the Hartke is Online blog, as part of her Michael Schmidt month:

“Consumer’s needs are driving the demand for raw dairy

Organic Pastures Mark McAfee takes the podium at the International Raw Milk Symposium in Toronto, January 2009

Organic Pastures' Mark McAfee takes the podium at the International Raw Milk Symposium in Toronto, Jan. 2009

With the advent of the pasteurizer in 1893 (first called the par boiler) far more than bacteria were killed. The pasteurizer killed personal responsibility. The pasteurizer disconnected and marginalized the farmer and made his quality efforts irrelevant. The pasteurizer killed enzymes and good bacteria and nutritional values. The pasteurizer produced a dead partial food out of a once vital alive and complete whole food. The pasteurizer started milk markets toward a 100 year long slow death as more and more people could not drink dead milk and became sick from it.

This was a death marked by dairy lies that covered its own demise and cover stories of its false benefits and a racist blame game against broad categories of people for their innate deficiencies from a pasteurized dairy invented deficiency called “lactose intolerance” or “Lie” (abbreviated and very true in deed). Literally no one has lactose intolerance…instead it is “ pasteurization intolerance” and nearly anyone can drink raw milk just fine. Yet the dairy industry has invented a blame game that tells Asians and blacks and American Indians that they are not white enough to drink milk. That they have a deficiency. This is a false science and a huge dairy lie. It was their dead food product made toxic by their own shelf life extending technologies that was the problem. It was not the consumer’s fault, regardless of race. The pasteurized milk industry has created a racist blame game and this is the very tip of the iceberg….many more lies lay deep in the political and economic game of selling dead food from industrial farms that do not know any of their customers, personally. Continue reading

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Urban farming post updated now

Much of last week’s posting was done from a phone. That’s why some posts had a very simple look to them and why other posts were strangely truncated — guess I didn’t allow time for the entire post to be uploaded. Which is just a preamble to saying that those posts are now up in their fullness. It was especially the post on urban farming that was missing most of its content. So if you found that intriguing, you might want to go back now and read the rest of it, now that it’s all up on the blog. Here’s the link.

Also check out the links to mainstream news stories that have been added in the comments following the recent Site 41 postings.

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