Jane Burgermeister on the charges she filed in Austria against Baxter & others

“I have filed criminal charges in Austria against Baxter and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology for producing and distributing contaminated bird flu vaccine material this winter, alleging that this was a deliberate act to cause a pandemic, and also to profit from that pandemic.

Jane Burgermeister

Jane Burgermeister

Avir and Baxter AG are headquartered inside the Vienna City limits, where I live, and so fall within the jurisdiction of the Vienna City Prosecutor.

In the paperwork I filed with the Vienna City Courthouse on Wednesday, April 8th, 2009, after consulting lawyers, I present evidence  of intent to cause harm by Baxter and Avir, citing, among other things, the fact that Baxter uses Biosafety Level 3 regulations to prevent just such a contamination of ordinary flu with the bird flu virus.

Also, I suggest that there are reasonable grounds for believing that Baxter is part of a secret bioweapons programme and that there are plans to release weaponised bird flu on the world’s population soon.

Furthermore, I present evidence to support the notion that Baxter is a smaller entity operating within a bigger aggregate of entities that belong to an international organised crime group, which I maintain can be identified with the group known informally as “The Illuminati”.

I allege there is evidence the US “Illuminati”-controlled government plans to release the bird flu on the US population in the near future, citing bird flu drills, FEMA camps, mass graves among other facts.

image from Janes site  The Flue Case

image from Jane's site "The Flue Case"

Flowing from their obligations as a signatory to the UN Convention for the Punishment and Prevention of Genocide, I argue that Austrian courts are bound by law to prosecute any individuals or organisations when there is reasonable proof that they are involved in planning any genocide, including US officials.

In an era of global crime organisations, I argue it is more necessary than ever that Austrian courts leverage international laws to protect the Austrian people as well as people all around the world against the bird flu and other threats, posed in particular by the “Illuminati” global racketeering influenced organised crime syndicate.

As evidence for Baxter’s participation in a secret, black international bioweapons programme, I cite reports that the “bird flu” virus was resurrected by US bioweapons scientists from the Spanish Flu virus in 1996 and also note that Baxter has patented a highly pathogenic bird flu virus mutation, something difficult to account for if Baxter is not doing research into weaponised bird flu strains.

As evidence that Baxter deliberately manufactured and distributed the contaminated material, I note the way the Biosecurity Level 3 regulations were systematically subverted at Baxter’s facilities in Orth an der Donau.

I also note the reports in the media that the contaminated material was sent to 16 laboratories with a false or incorrect llabel as evidence of intent to deceive staff in outside laboratories into thinking they were handling relatively harmless material and into taking fewer precautions, so increasing their risk of being infected by the bird flu and acting as pandemic bird flu carriers into the general population.

I argue the fact that at least 36 to 37 laboratory staff were treated preventatively for bird flu and normal flu in hospital underlines the danger that they could have been infected with the bird flu, and could have sparked a pandemic.

In addition, I present arguments for classifying Baxter’s production facilities for the vaccination material for the bird flu — specifically the use of 1,200 liter bioreactors and vero cell technology — as a dual biological weapons programme. This is because it would allow a huge amount of contaminated vaccine material to be produced rapidly if any live bird flu virus material ever got into the bioreactor in the first place.

I argue that the production and distribution of contaminated bird flu material by Baxter to 16 labs this winter showed that every safety control failed – and that another such a systematic “safeguards” failure cannot be ruled out again and nor can it be ruled out that contaminated material ends up in  1,200 liter bioreactors. I cite opinions that the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-1919 was spread by contaminated vaccines.

I contend that a motive for Baxter for sparking the pandemic is profit.

In 2006, Baxter sealed a contract with the Austrian Health Ministry to supply 16 million doses of bird flu vaccines in the event of a “pandemic”. This action fits the pattern of deriving an income from illegal activities which is typical of an organised crime racket.

[Note: The Austrian Health Minister who signed the deal with Baxter in 2006 is Maria Rauch-Kallat, the wife of Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly, who was released from jail in Austria on April 3rd, 2009, after being held in custody for five weeks in connection with bribery and money-laundering involving British weapons maker BAE systems.]

I also allege that the Austrian and international authorities are involved in a cover up.

As evidence for the cover up, I cite the fact that no action has been taken by the authorities. Little to no information has been released to the public.

While none of the political parties has made a statement, a few members of parliament apparently acting on their own tabled questions to the Austrian Health Minister on March 20th to obtain information.

Questions tabled include: “Can a threat to the Austrian people be ruled out?” “What steps have been taken to stop a repeat?”

In my charges, I argue that the people of Austria have a right to be fully informed about the incident and any investigation.

I suggest the notion that Austria has a “state within a state” or a “secret army” , a group of agents who act on the orders of Illuminati and who have annexed key positions in Austrian government and authorities, and who provide cover that allows Baxter and Avir to operate more or less outside the law.

I allege that persons in charge of the Austrian mainstream media are part of the cover up of this crime syndicate. The media in gross dereliction of its duty as the fourth estate to call organisations to account has been pretty much silent about the incident here in Austria.

Because so few Austrians have heard about the way Baxter produced and sent out the pandemic material this winter, they will be more willing to allow themselves and also their children to be injected with a vaccine supplied by that same company Baxter in the event of a pandemic, I argue. The silence of the media is, therefore, I contend a necessary element in carrying out this crime.

Should millions of Austrians and Europeans die as a result of the bird flu pandemic and/or contaminated vaccine material, their homes, property, savings, farms, companies and other assets could fall to the state authorities controlled by organised crime, and so could be transferred into private hands with ease.

I argue there is a robbery motive to the murder of millions of people throughout the world by use of  weaponised bird flu. I present evidence that the “Illuminati” have planned the current global financial collapse to enrich themselves, and they are now using the relatively inexpensive and efficient weaponised bird flu as part of a pre meditated plan to eliminate huge numbers of their robbed victims before these can regroup and obtain retribution.

If the  international organised crime syndicate I designate as the ”Illuminati” manage to kill millions or billions of people by unleashing a pandemic bird flu, they are in a position to take control not only of personal assets of their victims but also of natural resources of entire countries, resources that are increasingly valuable at a time of global warming, I argue.

You can read the document I submitted to the prosecutor in German below. Some of the quotes are in English.  I’ll  post up the English translation as soon as it’s ready.

I would appreciate any information, articles or tips relevant to the bird flu case, so that I can submit these to the  prosecutor to reinforce the case.

As for the next step, I was told my file would be assigned a case number and allocated to a state prosecutor who will review the information and, if there is enough evidence of violations of laws,  authorise criminal charges to be brought against Baxter and Avir.

If you want to contribute or help out, contact me, Jane, at jmburgermeister@gmail.com .

I  would like to bring more such cases, also in other European countries, in a bid to reign in the crime spree.

Any donations to defray costs are welcome.”

Read more about Jane’s work on this site.

Material above is from this page.


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2 responses to “Jane Burgermeister on the charges she filed in Austria against Baxter & others

  1. Sherri

    I am so glad to see someone finally taking a stand against what is happening to people all over the world. Because of their own ignorance, people are going to fall victim to things they are not capable of understanding. We should all follow the example Jane has set!

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