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Could H1N1 vaccine also be a delivery vehicle to “micro-chip” the population?

According to the story below, David Icke seems to think so. Thank you to the reader who sent in this story, which seems to be from one of David Icke’s email newsletters. This reader received it from someone else, who in turn received it from a third person who received it from a fourth person who I was unable to contact. Perhaps some other readers of the Bovine’s can shed light on the original source of these reports. The video below is of David Icke being interviewed for Project Camelot and is not directly related to this story.

“The main point of the mass vaccination is to implant nanotechnology microchips that will allow external manipulation of the body mentally, emotionally and physically – including the so-called ‘death chip’ that can be used to assassinate targeted people or cause mass extermination.

We are now seeing accumulating evidence that this is the prime reason for the engineered ‘pandemic’.Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, who has taken on the German medical establishment with his own approach called New German Medicine, tells of  an experience he had at a speaking event in Vienna, Austria. Continue reading


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Whole Foods Florida speaks up on why raw milk is no longer for sale there

This interview is from the Miami New Times food blog:

Wikimedia photo

Wikimedia photo

“Cooked milk, get your cooked milk.

Whole Foods Market has officially dropped raw milk from its shelves in Florida.

Raw Milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized.

Pasteurization is a heating process meant to kill bacteria, and homogenization is the process of making the milk one consistency throughout. The fat of non homogenized milk collects as cream like head on beer.

Some people swear by the alleged health benefits of raw milk, a problematic sentiment for Floridians. It is illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption in the sunshine state.

Until yesterday Whole Foods market sold raw milk with a pet food label. Human drinkers bought it for their personal consumption.

They think Whole Foods should continue to sell the product. Here is the company’s response to them, and our questions, via their regional marketing director for Florida, Russ Benblatt. Continue reading


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