Whole Foods Florida speaks up on why raw milk is no longer for sale there

This interview is from the Miami New Times food blog:

Wikimedia photo

Wikimedia photo

“Cooked milk, get your cooked milk.

Whole Foods Market has officially dropped raw milk from its shelves in Florida.

Raw Milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized.

Pasteurization is a heating process meant to kill bacteria, and homogenization is the process of making the milk one consistency throughout. The fat of non homogenized milk collects as cream like head on beer.

Some people swear by the alleged health benefits of raw milk, a problematic sentiment for Floridians. It is illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption in the sunshine state.

Until yesterday Whole Foods market sold raw milk with a pet food label. Human drinkers bought it for their personal consumption.

They think Whole Foods should continue to sell the product. Here is the company’s response to them, and our questions, via their regional marketing director for Florida, Russ Benblatt.

Benblatt: This was a decision that was made here at the regional level. I can’t get into too many details, but it was purely a business decision to stop selling the raw milk, and I cant get into the specifics of it.

We’ve been referring our customers to realmilk.com which essentially is a site that catalogs raw milk sources across the country.

New Times: Is the company aware of the petition circulating for Whole Foods in Florida to continue selling raw milk?

Benblatt: Actually, I’m holding the petition in my hand. It has 1,400 signatures, but only 365 are from within the state of Florida.

Unfortunately, what they’re petitioning us to do is illegal. In the state of Florida raw milk is not to be sold for human consumption.

We made a decision to stop selling it as a pet food. We’ve never sold it for human consumption.

We sold it as a pet food. I can’t say what folks did with it, and we don’t ask folks what they’re going do with products when they leave our store. We just assumed they were buying it for pet food.

NT: Do any Whole Foods in the chain sell raw milk?

Benblatt: I know we do have regions in the company where they do…they’re in states that allow the sale of raw milk for human consumption.

NT: Have Big Milk contacted the company at all?

Benblatt: What? Who?

NT: Big Milk, it’s like Big Oil….

Benblatt: Hahaha. I’ve never heard that before. No, they have not been in touch with us.

NT: What were the Florida sales numbers like on raw milk?

Benblatt: We don’t release specific sales numbers.

NT: Would the company consider bringing raw milk back based on overwhelming customer demand?

Benblatt: We change our product mix all the time, most of our products are based on customer demand, but I can’t really say one way or the other….

NT: Is there any raw milk left on any of the shelves anywhere in the state?

Benblatt: We ran our inventory down. We stopped selling as of yesterday. We bought from Golden Fleece Dairy, a local dairy here in Florida, in rather small shipments. It’s not like we had huge stocks or inventories of it.

Get the whole story here on the Miami New Times food blog.


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2 responses to “Whole Foods Florida speaks up on why raw milk is no longer for sale there

  1. Sherrill Callender

    I live in the Bahamas but always shop at Whole Foods when I am often in Florida. One of the main drawing cards was the raw milk from Golden Fleece Farms so I was astonished to find that they no longer sell it when I was there last week. I hope that this will be reconsidered. Actually, the ridiculous Florida laws preventing it to be sold for human consumption are ignorant and unnecessary. “Big Milk” is at it all the time putting the spin on how healthful pasteurized and homogenized milk which anyone who takes the time to research this claim will find out what a load of cow dung that is. Please go to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website and get today’s (Nov. 12) newsletter and read his article on raw vs. pasteurized milk. He is a well known and respected and sensible physician. Thank you and please keep me informed of any new developments. Sincerely, Sherrill Callender

  2. James Loflin, Jr

    A milk product that would satisfy many of the health benefits accrued to raw milk is the LOW-HEAT pasteurized UN-homogenized organic milk such as available in Florida Whole Foods stores. Many of the beneficial elements are preserved in the small-batch low-heat pasteurization and of course the taste of the UN-homogenized milk is superior.

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