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If you think drinking raw milk is weird

Read this story to learn how a man, who was dedicated to a diet of raw vegan foods,  had a powerful experience that led him to start eating raw meat:

Aajonus and Tiger, two happy carnivores!

Aajonus and Tiger, two happy carnivores!

“…Thirteen years ago, I had already stabilized my cancers and mitigated many of my other problems. But I wasn’t satisfied. I had had a taste of good health and I wanted more.

Everything I read was contradictory. So I decided that I had to enter the wild to learn the truths about optimal health. I hadn’t realized at that point, that it was a matter of difference. Everyone’s body is different. Every  body reacts to food differently. Because specific foods and amounts are proper for someone, doesn’t mean that those foods and amounts would be proper for others. And vice versa. That is no contradiction.

Anyway I traveled North America on my bicycle and lived off the land for almost three years. I occasionally lived with North American tribes for a month at a time. A very wise native suggested that I eat raw meat. I rejected the advice because I was a diehard evangelistic vegetarian.

The experience that changed me was … unusual. After two and a half years traveling on my bicycle, I became discouraged. I had gotten too thin and was weakening more everyday….” Continue reading


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