If you think drinking raw milk is weird

Read this story to learn how a man, who was dedicated to a diet of raw vegan foods,  had a powerful experience that led him to start eating raw meat:

Aajonus and Tiger, two happy carnivores!

Aajonus and Tiger, two happy carnivores!

“…Thirteen years ago, I had already stabilized my cancers and mitigated many of my other problems. But I wasn’t satisfied. I had had a taste of good health and I wanted more.

Everything I read was contradictory. So I decided that I had to enter the wild to learn the truths about optimal health. I hadn’t realized at that point, that it was a matter of difference. Everyone’s body is different. Every  body reacts to food differently. Because specific foods and amounts are proper for someone, doesn’t mean that those foods and amounts would be proper for others. And vice versa. That is no contradiction.

Anyway I traveled North America on my bicycle and lived off the land for almost three years. I occasionally lived with North American tribes for a month at a time. A very wise native suggested that I eat raw meat. I rejected the advice because I was a diehard evangelistic vegetarian.

The experience that changed me was … unusual. After two and a half years traveling on my bicycle, I became discouraged. I had gotten too thin and was weakening more everyday….”

“… I was overweight when I ate cooked foods. I got slender when I switched to all raw but meatless diets. And then, when I bicycled and lived outdoors the stress was so great that I deteriorated. I regularly ate as much as three pounds of nuts daily, six avocados, enormous amounts of fruit and every day I awakened a bit thinner than the previous morning. But I didn’t want to return to the civilization with its pollution and its survival of the fittest attitude. I had seen in the wild that only malnourished animals lived by that rule. Otherwise, life outdoors was peaceful. I loved living outdoors. But physically, it was too stressful on a raw meatless diet.

Rather than go back to civilization, I decided to fast myself to death. First I dug in and built a ten by ten food stone house in what I was told was an ancient Indian burial ground. It was in the foothills of a mountain range twenty miles northwest of Salton Sea, here in California.

Because the house was sunken, the roof was only four and a half feet above the ground. At night I jumped onto the flat roof with my sleeping bag. I loved falling asleep while watching the stars. A coyote woke me one night around midnight. She made sounds like a laughing crazy person. She stood fifty feet away. I could see her because I had night vision. Night vision is something I developed while living outdoors.

After several consecutive nights, I realized she had a purpose in waking me. But what it was I didn’t know. Another night I sensed a coyote passing in the wash twenty feet behind me. I turned and saw him. I wondered why the laughing one woke me when they could have easily passed me while I slept. This game went on every night for two weeks. Each night I sensed another coyote, without using my eyes or ears. (I think that that was what they had intended — for me to strengthen my sixth sense). Then I turned in the direction where I felt he or she was. And there was another coyote. Within two weeks I had sensed each one as he or she passed  through the narrow canyon by me. There were eleven in the pack.

One unusually warm night it rained lightly. I slept on the ground inside the house. My sleeping bag was unzipped and I had one leg sticking out. I was awakened by a cold nose rubbing the side of my bare leg. It was a coyote. I wasn’t alarmed. The coyote dashed away and up the steep grade of the entrance. He stood looking down at me. He looked straight into my eyes. He motioned his head as if he were indicating that I should follow. I thought I must be crazy. But he did it again. I trailed behind him to the pack. They all nodded at me. I returned the gesture.

They leapt, butted and played as they started off into the desert. I followed behind. I was weak from fasting. They waited for me to catch up. We had gone about a half mile when they caught a whiff of something up wind. The group quietly separated and made a half circle about two hundred yards wide. The one that stayed with me looked me in the eyes. He motioned his head for me to follow. I did.

We crept about three hundred yards upwind. Then he sped off to the side, zigzagging downwind. He laughed like a crazy person. I heard the others start to howl and laugh from afar. They were approaching me like an ever-shrinking half circle towards the lone coyote. He was making his way towards them.

I ran to see what was happening. A jack rabbit was caught in the half circle. It zigged and leapt around. But it was trapped by the encroaching chorus of coyotes. The rabbit stopped, paralysed. I thought I saw an apparition leave the rabbit. It seemed to no longer have a consciousness.

A female coyote took the stiff rabbit and broke its neck. It dangled from her teeth. Another coyote bit into the skin between the rabbit’s front legs and ripped open its entire torso. She brought the rabbit to me. She dropped it on my bare feet. The rabbit was hot and bleeding. I felt sick.

All eleven of them stood staring at me. I kept getting this thought: It’s what you need, take and eat it. They seemed to be sending me that thought. I flashed back to my childhood. I remembered the way my brother Doug sent me his thoughts. This was the same, but this thought had a gentle feeling about it. The coyotes were communicating with me.

I looked down at the rabbit. It was warm and moist, as if it were alive. I looked at the coyotes and said, ‘I don’t know guys, I haven’t eaten meat in six years’. Then the idea came to me that these coyotes were here to help me quickly end my life. A fast could take months (another oxymoron, I thought).

I picked it up. I took a bite. I forced myself to swallow. It came right back up. The coyotes looked at each other as if it were a joke. I sat down for five minutes and psyched myself into eating it. After five bites, it tasted delicious. I ate about three and a half pounds. The coyotes shared what was left: the hind, head, skin and bones.

They went on food shopping and I walked back to my rock house to die. With every minute that passed, I felt lighter. I thought that the poisons were taking effect.

I got out of my sleeping bag and laid down on the roof. I felt a peacefulness that I had only felt during my death experience on the heater with the fresh pizza stains on my shirt. I was sure I was about to leave my body again. I fell asleep.

I woke the next morning after the best sleep of my life. The raw rabbit meat made me strong for three more days. And so I became a raw meat eater. I had found the missing link to my health! I killed and ate rattle snakes and birds. I traded my hard labour on farms for eggs, chickens and raw goats’ milk. My muscles developed easily. Several months later I returned to Los Angeles to spread the great news of my discovery. Everybody thought I had lost my mind….”

— an excerpt from “We Want to Live” by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

The book this story is excerpted from.

The book this story is excerpted from.

An interview with Aajonus about his life and path, which also includes an abbreviated version of the above story.

Aajonus’ own website, where you can read more of his material and order his books

Aajonus will be speaking in Toronto later this month (see below). As you might imagine, Aajonus is also an advocate of raw milk and raw dairy products generally:





WORKSHOP:  1:15 PM to 7 PM – $100

MINI-CONSULTS (6-10 minutes each):  7 – 9 PM – $40

For reservations to any or all of these events,

contact Rasha @ 416-206-9402 or healerdeal@hotmail.com

Location for Free Lecture, Workshop and Mini-Consults:
Harbourfront Community Centre
627 Queens Quay W. Toronto, Ontario


An Individual Consult includes iridology, glandular analyses and very detailed, personalized food recommendations. Aajonus has perfected the technique of iridology over the last 37 years to aid him in evaluating conditions in the deepest areas of the body. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue in the body by way of the nervous system. Iridology allows Aajonus to access information about the body non-invasively that would normally be very difficult to obtain. Attending Aajonus’ Workshop or reading his book, We Want to Live, is a pre-requisite for an Individual Consult. The book can be purchased for $40 + S&H by calling 1.800.247.6553. An Individual Consult lasts approximately 70 minutes and costs $375 USD. Follow-ups last approximately 55 minutes and cost $300 USD. For appointments and directions, contact Rasha @416-206-9402 or healerdeal@hotmail.com

I have been following Aajonus’ diet for three years.  His diet healed my severe ADHD, autism, IBS, GERD, osteoporosis, social anxiety disorder and a speech impediment.  It gave me a life and hope for my future when everything else had failed. I am having my best year in school and plan to begin college in the fall, something I would have never considered three years ago. Matthew M., age 18   Omaha, NE

For three years I struggled with chronic fatigue and an unexplained, uncontrolled weight loss down to 78 pounds. I took every conceivable test and tried every remedy.  I also followed diets from several different nutritional philosophies.  Nothing really worked until I met Aajonus.  In six months on his diet I gained 70 pounds of athletic weight and my body felt recharged.  Two years later, I feel healthier than I did prior to becoming ill.  (To view my photos, along with 30 pages of mind-blowing testimonials, visit www.Wewant2live.com and www.PrimalDiet.com.)                           Jeff S., age 36   St. Louis, MO

Aajonus with a friend.

Aajonus (foreground) with a friend.


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2 responses to “If you think drinking raw milk is weird

  1. I think we are seeing with this the primal instinct of humanity to eat and survive. The prehistoric man would have had these experiences. Anyone who has spent any time really connecting with nature can feel what he went through with the coyotes and knows without a doubt that his experience was real and reflects a truth humanity has forgotten. Nature does speak to us but we are all so busy running here and there that we don’t ever notice it. Walking alone on the Camino de Santiago in Spain for 30 days out in nature and seeing/smelling the quiet, I got so that I could hear the wings of a butterfly near me and sense the presence of birds that landed near me when I sat in the mountains. One young man I met, who was walking barefoot on the 750 km. journey and living off the land, stopped with me and showed me how to bring the birds to me by sitting quietly and connecting energetically with them. They would come to him and land on his arm when he did this. I was able to do it a couple of times as well when I was in the mountains alone and absolutely calm, quiet and connected to nature. Humanity is nothing more than a higher evolved species of animal who think we are smarter than nature but there is a presence in nature that is so much stronger and wiser than we are. We have lost the ability to really “be” in the world, part of a greater power than ourselves and in doing that we have decimated our planet and our own bodies. For me the WAPF way of living and eating has proven to be the answer to health problems, for others it may be eating their meat raw. Animals know what to eat instinctively to heal themselves and these coyotes were simply showing him that he has the same innate ability if he will just listen to it. He did thankfully and saved himself. How humanity thinks we can play with genes, create and eat pseudo foods and live life stressed to the max and continue to survive generation after generation is a mystery to me and one of the reasons I am such a strong advocate for the ability to choose for ourselves what foods to eat. If in my gut I know that raw milk is going to help me, there shouldn’t be anyone telling me not to have it. If in my gut I know that meat that has lived a happier life is inherently better for me both physically and energetically, then there should be no government putting the farmers who produce it out of business so that I can’t buy it. We were all healthier when our meat came from animals running free in the wild, eating what they knew to be healthy for them and dying quickly without living a life of pain and fear. The best option we have in 2012 is small farms where the animals are allowed to express their essence and live happy lives while they are on this planet. Both emotionally and physically this food is superior for our bodies. When he says he saw an essence leave the rabbit I can relate to that as well as I have done energy work for a dying man and felt/saw his energy leave his body 15 minutes before the body actually stopped breathing. A tree hacked down while it is living will scream and if you are listening with the ability to connect with nature that we all have built into our subconscious minds, we can hear it. I only wish more people would connect in the way Aajonus did with nature. What a different world this would be.

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