Manna Storehouse SWAT-raid trial to be videoed by Courtroom View Network

The Manna Storehouse case has generated a lot of traffic on the Bovine. A lot of people will be curious about how the trial goes.

The Manna Storehouse story has generated a lot of traffic on the Bovine, since it broke last December. People will want to know how the trial goes.

October 6, 2009 – Cleveland, OH – Courtroom View Network (CVN) of New York City has announced that it will video record the trial of Stowers vs. Ohio Department of Agriculture and Lorain County Health Department, according to today’s Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health. The trial will be held on October 8 and 9 at the Lorain County Courthouse, 226 Middle Avenue in Elyria, Ohio.

The court case is the result of a before-Christmas 2008 Lorain County SWAT-team raid on The Manna Storehouse, an organic food coop in LaGrange, Ohio owned and operated by John and Jackie Stowers. The Stowers and their ten children and grandchildren were detained in one room of their home for six hours while the sheriff’s team confiscated sixty boxes of fresh farm food, computers, phones and business records. The food included USDA-certified meat from the Stower’s children’s mini-farm and the nearby Amish community. The Stowers were suspected of not having a retail food license, and the raid was instigated by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Lorain County Department of Health.

The Stowers are charging the state and county with 119 complaints including unlawful search and seizure, illegal use of state police power, taking of private property without compensation, failure to provide due process and equal protection, and denied their inalienable rights guaranteed under the Constitution, including their right to grow and eat their own food and offer it to others.

CVN is the leading provider of live and on-demand video for high-stakes civil litigation, and is the exclusive provider of courtroom video to Westlaw, providing world-class legal research services. All proceedings are shown gavel-to-gavel and commercial-free. Attorneys use CVN’s live streams to reduce travel, deploy teams more effectively, feed war rooms, and change the balance of power in litigation. CVN’s customers include law firms and students and faculty at more than 50 law schools.

David Michael, Publisher of the Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health said, “We welcome CVN as the newest member of our Ohio Connections (Cleveland) team at the trial and their contribution in this high- profile case about our constitutional freedoms. All citizens should have the right to provide healthy, farm fresh food to their family, friends and private members in their own home without having to get official government approval or have it deemed a criminal activity.”

An entire series including documents and videos on the Manna Storehouse incident can be seen at as well as access to the video of the court proceedings.

The Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health covers key federal and state regulatory enforcement and legal actions against small family farms and healthy food producers, among other topics related to food and health. The Journal offers articles and comment on farm fresh foods, the Farm Enforcement Report, with news of medical research on positive effects of real foods and health detriments of imitation, factory food.

This story was originally published on the Journal for Whole Food and Nutritional Health. Thanks to Kimberly Hartke for sending it our way.


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  1. thebovine

    This just in:

    Maurice Thompson of Buckeye Institute just heard from the judge. A criminal trial has run over, bumping Manna Storehouse into the future. A new trial date will be set tomorrow morning and a few motions will be considered, such as a motion to get the families food back and a motion to dismiss older instances of sales of product that have no bearing on whether they are a retail establishment today.

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