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Eight reasons to NOT drink milk…

It’s news stories like this that should be keeping marketing people at the DFO (Dairy Farmers of Ontario) from sleeping at night. The solution is simple, folks. Many of these reasons apply only to pasteurized milk.

We’ve got to start “re-tooling” our dairy farms to begin producing more of that good grass-fed, organically-managed, A2 raw milk before even more people start thinking like this author does. Here is an excerpt from a report by Mickey Z. of Planet Green, on Alternet.org

RAW -- a kind of milk thats actually worth drinking!

RAW -- milk with a different set of "problems" -- mostly political

“…..The 9 million cows living on dairy farms in the United States spend most of their lives in large sheds or on feces-caked mud lots, where disease is rampant. Cows raised for their milk are repeatedly impregnated. Their babies are taken away so that humans can drink the milk intended for the calves. When their exhausted bodies can no longer provide enough milk, they are sent to slaughter and ground up for hamburgers….”

“Environmental Reasons to Avoid Milk

1. Dairy cows produce waste.
Lots of waste. In fact, your average dairy cow produces 120 pounds of waste every day — equal to that of more than two dozen people, but without toilets, sewers, or treatment plants.

[Note from the Bovine: Of course, on a Biodynamic or organic farm that waste wouldn’t be going untreated into the groundwater, it would be properly composted after which it would provide a prime source of fertility for the farm, obviating the “need” for artificial chemical fertilizers.] Continue reading


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