650 posts, 150,000 hits, 13 months

Sometime in the past couple days, the Bovine passed the 150,000 visitor mark and posted its 650th post. A big Bovine thank you to our many readers and writers who’ve helped make all this happen!

Graph of daily traffic on the Bovine from a couple days ago

Graph of daily traffic on the Bovine from a couple days ago

Just for fun, we thought we’d post some of the search terms people have used to find us on the web through search engines like Google (in approximate order of popularity):

Some of the most popular search terms of all time:

Manna Storehouse Raid — our most popular story ever, 2000 hits in one day

Josie Maran Milk

Michael Schmidt raw milk

A1 A2 milk

Some popular search terms from the past month:

Swine Flu

Milk Protein Concentrate

Zinniker Farm

Jane Burgermeister

Raw milk Calgary

First they came for the cows

holy cow

Josie Maran sex

cows fed chicken manure

And from the past week:

H1N1 vaccine chip

fat black men

diseases from eating raw rabbit

compulsory vaccination H1N1

Durham tornado pictures

Ontario quota rights organization

milk farmers England

And in case you’re still wondering what Josie Maran has to do with raw milk, read this: “Raw Milk gets you in the mooood”

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