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German, Swedish doctors not keen on mass vaccinations planned for H1N1

Here are a few stories from the Flu Case website:

Famous Swedish doctor fired because of statements against the “swine flu” mass vaccination

European doctors not sold on mass vaccination

European doctors not sold on mass vaccination

Aftonbladet reports that the in Sweden famous Dr Annika Dahlqvist has been fired from her position because she has made statements against the mass vaccination of the Swedish population. She received no warning. Many Swedes listen to what this doctor says since she uses a lot of common sense and logical thinking. She is a big promotor of healthy living and diets, which contain low levels of sugars, to help loose weight – something which is debated in Swedish media.

” – No one spoke with me about this, I feel completely without legal rights”, she says. “- As I understand it, they have blocked me from taking any position within the public health system in the region where I live.”

Most popular German newspaper features top doctor’s warning over “swine flu” jab

One of Germany’s most read mainstream newspapers, “Bild”, yesterday reported a top doctor’s warning about the “swine flu” jab as the revolt against the mass swine flu vaccination campaign accelerates.

On Monday, the German army announced it had changed its vaccination plans and was ordering a new “swine flu” jab, this one without mercury, the adjuvant, squalene, and a live virus, sparking fierce criticism from the German Health Ministry.

On Wednesday, Theodor Windhorst, the president of the doctor’s chamber in Westfalen-Lippe, was featured by “Bild” newspaper, saying he would not take the swine flu jab. Continue reading

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Minnesota raw milker blames “pusher”

Shari Danielson’s got a craving for raw milk and she blames it on Nina Planck. Here’s an excerpt from her tale of woe on the Simple Good and Tasty blog:

THE PUSHER -- Nina Planck -- blame her!

THE PUSHER -- Nina Planck -- blame her!

“Every Tuesday morning, the supplier, under cover of pre-dawn darkness, packs up his truck in rural Minnesota to make his weekly delivery. His drop-off site is a nondescript, middle-class home in a Minneapolis suburb, where his regular customers begin to converge around 8:00 a.m. They drive up, park, pick up their orders, leave cash, then return to their everyday lives.

What they’re doing is illegal, but the contraband isn’t cocaine, krugerrands or even Cuban cigars.

It’s milk. Straight from the cow. Whole, non-pasteurized, non-homogenized, non-industrialized, raw milk.

Why is it illegal? Because the Minnesota Department of Agriculture prohibits the sale of raw milk, unless it is purchased by consumers only “occasionally” and only “at the farm where the milk is produced.” (Source: Westin A. Price Foundation – “What is Real Milk?”)

So, why do otherwise law-abiding citizens buy illegal milk? Part of the blame should go to Nina Planck. Continue reading

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Is Michele Obama taking on big food?

Here’s an excerpt from a significant story by Tom Laskawy at Grist.org:

Will Michele Obama become the first lady of real food reform in America?

Will Michele Obama become the first lady of real food reform?

“With all the talk of Michael Pollan and Jamie Oliver lately, it’s easy to ignore the person who right now is, given her current address, the most influential voice on food policy in the country. Naturally, I’m talking about First Lady Michelle Obama. While she’s been exercising what diplomats would call her “soft power” for a while, i.e. planting a garden, making speeches on healthy eating, and so on, indications are that she’s quietly developing a set of policy recommendations to reform the food system. Obama Foodorama has been tirelessly reporting on these maneuvers, which have remained under the radar—even to the point of Mrs. Obama holding “secret meetings” between her policy team and USDA officials.

The speeches continue—she gave another one just the other day at the Department of Health and Human Services. But according to Ob Fo, the First Lady’s policy team—White House Food Initiatives Coordinator Sam Kass and Policy Director Jocelyn Frye—are currently fleshing out a new set of national food and health initiatives. And while nothing is imminent, it now appears that the White House is embracing the “addiction model” of food consumption as portrayed in former FDA chief David Kessler’s new book The End of Overeating: Continue reading


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