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South Dakota raw milk regulations

This excerpt is from a recent post on the Pure Pierre Politics blog:

WARNING: This product has not been pasteurized and may contain harmful bacteria. Pregnant women, infants, children, the elderly and persons with lowered resistance to disease have the highest risk of harm from use of this product.

That’s the message which bottles of raw milk will need to carry as part of their labeling, under new rules proposed for marketing raw milk for human consumption in South Dakota.  The state Department of Agriculture plans a public hearing on the rules Nov. 17 at 9:30 a.m. in room 412 of the state Capitol. Under one of the rules, the department wants to know who’s buying the milk:

“Milk plants that provide or offer bottled raw milk for human consumption shall maintain a current list of persons to whom they have provided raw milk for human consumption. The list must be continually updated and include the data for at least 60 days. This customer list shall include customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and quantities of bottled raw milk for human consumption. This list shall be provided to the department upon the department’s request.”

Read the whole thing on the Pure Pierre Politics blog

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NY Judge halts mandatory H1N1 flu vaccination for health care workers

This just in from WCBSTV, via Swine Flu Watch blog:

“NEW YORK (CBS): Health care workers in New York will no longer be forced to get the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, CBS 2 has learned.

A state Supreme Court judge issued a restraining order Friday against the state from enforcing the controversial mandatory vaccination.

Three parties – the Public Employees Federaion, New York State United Teachers, and an attorney representing four Albany nurses – challenged the order and for now the vaccination for nurses, doctors, aides, and non-medical staff members who might be in a patient’s room will remain voluntary.

New York was the first state in the country to initially mandate flu vaccinations for its health care workers, but many health care workers quickly protested against the ruling. In Hauppauge, workers outside a local clinic screamed “No forced shots!” when the mandate came down at the end of September. Continue reading


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