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Dairy Drink — all sizzle, no steak

Leave it to the “food” industry to sally forth with something even more questionable than homo pasteurized to cannibalize market share from already beleagered American dairy farmers, most of whom have been shipping fluid milk below their cost of production for more than a year now. We’ll start off with excerpts from the story and comments published recently on Boing Boing under the title “WTF is ‘Dairy Drink’“:

Aint that America?

Ain't that America?* Photo via Boing Boing blog.

Greg Morgan says: “My friend took this picture at an HEB in Austin. WTF is Dairy Drink?”

Reader comments:

TJS: “Googled “dairy drink HEB”, and Yahoo! Answers provided this: “It is skim milk with added sugar and water. It is pretty good on cereal, but if you’re concerned about sugar and health benefits of getting the same amount of calcium and etc as you’d find in milk, you might want to rethink it. It is not as good as milk if you’re diabetic or watching your sugars. It is about half the price of milk though. No, it is not a soy product. When in doubt, pick it up and read the ingredients to see what it has or doesn’t have. Source(s): My source is myself. I bought some of it myself this week. My teenagers like it on cereal and I like it in coffee, but it’s not good for cooking something salty.” So, it looks like it’s watered down milk with sugar added, with the apparent benefit being lower price than milk. Not something I would buy. Continue reading

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