Gary Null on vaccines at NYS hearings

Found these on the Rumor Mill, along with the following text:

“These videos need to be shown on the national network news. Funny that there seems to be plenty of time to devote to the ‘balloon boy’ hoax and Hollywood gossip. But they will not touch what Gary Null has to say in the videos below. Wonder why? Could the massive amount of television advertising time which is regularly purchased by the medical industry have something to do with it?

Pray for Gary Null. Those many, many microbiologists were singled out and murdered for a reason. Don’t be too surprised to see a campaign to discredit or otherwise assassinate this man.”


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7 responses to “Gary Null on vaccines at NYS hearings

  1. thebovine

    See our earlier story on one of those many microbiologists they refer to in the story above:

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  3. thebovine

    More on mysteriously “dead” microbiologists from

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  5. 'Maxwell'

    Gary Null is the bravest man I have found in the last 20 years. He has decided to risk everything taking on Big-Pharma, just one of the large, corrupt industries that dominate American society. When the ‘guardians’ (like the FDA) are completely corrupted, who will punish them? Gary Null has taken a major step in this direction.

  6. Mark Fortier

    i was a healthy male until i got my first flu shot at the age of 32 but the next year i was barely able to crawl out of bed with arthritis. Now i have 2 chronic illnesses tht have ruined my life in the past 10 years

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