NAIS resisters prosecuted in Wisconsin

This just in from the PPJ Gazette:


By: Paul Griepentrog

“Today, October 21, 2009 in Wisconsin Circuit Court, Polk County, Judge Molly E Galewyrick found the Monchilovich couple guilty of failure to register premises.

The only organization present supporting Pat and Melissa was the Wisconsin Independent Consumer and Farmers Association n/a. (WICFA n/a)

No other groups or associations sent representatives to support Monchilovich or provided pre-trial support or resources….”

See our earlier related story on Amish Farmers prosecuted for failing to register for NAIS


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2 responses to “NAIS resisters prosecuted in Wisconsin

  1. Barbara Steever

    The judge stated that “her court isn’t the proper venue in which to argue against administrative code.”

    So, if a law is passed that violates a higher law, a judge can’t decide that. Total hogwash! This is just a catch 22. Everyone passes the buck to someone else while they contnue to take away our rights.

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