Video of raw milk customers in Georgia forced to destroy their milk — is this the proper role for government in America?

This is a followup to our earlier story on raw milk seizures in Athens Georgia. Read that here:

Here’s an excerpt from a commentary on the situation from David E. Gumpert of the Complete Patient blog:

“A favorite tactic of jailers is to make prisoners clean up their mess after rebellious behavior. The idea is to humiliate them, in hopes they won’t ever again contemplate standing up to their jailers. You get that feeling of the inmates being humiliated when you watch a video of Georgia consumers earlier this week being forced to pour out the milk they previously paid a South Carolina dairy $5 a gallon for.

Sure, the consumers are being defiant, but the message of humiliation and exasperation pervade.

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Co. had advised Eric Wagoner, the organizer of the buying club that shipped the milk from South Carolina to buyers in Georgia, to video the execution of a Georgia Department of Agriculture order that confiscated raw milk be destroyed by Wagoner, supposedly in violation of federal prohibitions on interstate raw milk sales (following my Oct. 15 post describing the confiscation). As you can see from the video, a number of consumers took him at his word, and the YouTube video is one of several recordings made of the event. (I hope to have additional footage upcoming.)

As a number of us have said on previous occasions here, a picture is worth a thousand words. While this video is rough, it communicates more vividly than anyone can in words the implications of government interference in our nutritional lives.

Watching the busybody regulators monitor the dumping of food that hard-working people previously paid for can only be described as pathetic. Hopefully it will communicate the craziness of a mentality in which government do-gooders go to outrageous extremes to protect us from ourselves….”

Read the whole thing here on the Complete Patient blog.


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3 responses to “Video of raw milk customers in Georgia forced to destroy their milk — is this the proper role for government in America?

  1. miguel

    Were those co-op members ordered to dump out the milk or did they dump it out just to be nice?The FDA is using the “commerce clause” to assert their authority over these people.In commerce,when someone orders something to be done they should expect to get a bill for the services rendered.If I was given an order to pour the milk on the ground,I would have happily done it after I notified the FDA officials that my fee for government work was $500.00 —- to be paid before the work was done.If they thought that was too high,they could dump it themselves.

  2. thebovine

    Good point Miguel!

    Somehow I doubt these folks realized the options they had at their disposal. No doubt this is not the only legal “missing link” that could be useful in such cases.

    Maybe it’s time we looked closer at the course offered at jurisdictionary.

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