Glencolton Farms Fall Fest Oct.’09 — 1

Here are some photos of the festivities from Andrea Lemieux, a cow-share member with Glencolton Farms. Glencolton Farms is a leader in raw milk farming in Ontario, Canada:

Farmer Michael Schmidt transports a load of diminutive apple pickers.

Hi there! -- the solution to non-dwarf apple orchards

High there! -- the solution to harvesting those non-dwarf heritage apple orchards

What a great way for kids to pick apples!

Fun for the whole family!

Practical tree climbing 101

Better grip without shoes

A lot of apples were harvested by many hands

... and one mouth

Farmer Michael Schmidt mans the apple press

to make cider

...while the children share in the experience

Stay tuned for more posts in this series.

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