Raw milk revolution… a book review

Here are excerpts from a review of David Gumpert’s new book on the raw milk revolution, from the “Or too many books” blog:

Probably the best book out there on the contemporary raw milk scene in America.

“…Still on the fringes but becoming more common with each passing year are those who not only reject the products resulting from the factory farming model, such as enormous feedlots that are so unsanitary that the cows must be fed a steady diet of antibiotics to keep them healthy enough to produce milk or meat (antibiotics that may actually be contributing to rise of “super bugs”, antibiotic resistant bacteria), these consumers are also rejecting the preparation methods mandated by law: the pasteurization and homogenization of milk.

Aficionados refer to it as raw milk. Raw milk producers and drinkers are not the wild-eyed fanatics or zany non-conformists. They live all over the country including the Midwest and New England, areas not known for radicalism. They are people who value milk for its nutrition. Nutrition that is destroyed by the processes of pasteurization and homogenization….”

“….I have to confess that when I first picked up this book, my “fanatic alarms” were going off. But once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I devoured it in two sittings. The author, David Gumpert, is a journalist who uses his training to give as well-rounded a treatment of the subject of raw milk as possible.

The author admits up front that he is a raw milk drinker. He tries to present as many points of view in the debate as fairly as possible. He interviewed dairy farmers who sell raw milk and raw milk products, consumers who buy raw milk, the parents of children who became ill drinking raw milk and the government agencies, both local and federal, who are doing their best to stop the sale of raw milk. It’s that last group that is not well represented but not through lack of trying on Mr. Gumpert’s part. He was constantly stonewalled by the very bureaucrats to whom he was trying to give a voice….”

Read it all here.


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2 responses to “Raw milk revolution… a book review

  1. thebovine

    I note that the cover of David’s new book shows a Guernsey cow, not the much more popular black and white Holstein. Is this a nod to A2 milk? The Guernsey breed is known to give A2 milk, while Holsteins typically give A1.

    A1 milk is associated with a wide range of diseases through epidemiological evidence, while A2 milk is not. See the many A1 A2 stories on the Bovine. Use the search box (top right) to find them.

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