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Truehope takes Health Canada to court over Bill C-6 in Calgary from Nov. 2, ’09

Here’s an excerpt from the full report on the cnhc.ca site:

“…For most of us, the idea that we need to pay close attention to what our governments are doing is new and unsettling. However, gone are the days where we can assume that governments will protect our fundamental rights. Indeed, in Canada most citizens sat idly by as the House of Commons recently voted to strip us of some of our most precious rights (read Bill C-6). Not everyone is sitting idly by now.

On November 2, in Calgary, Truehope will be asking the Federal Court to declare Health Canada’s seizure power to be unconstitutional. In 2003, Health Canada seized a shipment of EMpowerplus and began taking other steps to take the product away from Canadians. Thousands of Canadians depended on this mineral and vitamin formula for their very lives. Despite clear communications that people needed these nutrients, including the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association publicly blaming Health Canada for suicides, Health Canada officials continued to take EMpowerplus away.

The news of harm and suicides was ignored. Calls to Health Canada pleading for access to the product were ignored and Canadians suffered. Continue reading

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N.A.I.S. in Court — “Premises” doesn’t exist unless defined on property title!

Paul Griepentrog reports from court in Wisconsin on the PPJ blog:

Sample ID card -- Is "Premises ID" an elaborate fiction with no basis in law?

“Having attended the trial of Pat and Melissa Monchilovich at Balsam Lake, I found it more like viewing a site being cleared by a bulldozer.  Judge Molly GaleWyrick cleared the path for Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture to further its agenda of an alleged disease control program.   The Media in their true slanted fashion picked away at the obstructions around the edges, avoiding the hard facts like stones. Continue reading

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