Weston A. Price Found. Wise Traditions conference in Chicago Nov 13-16, 2009

The Weston A. Price Foundation has been THE major advocate for raw milk and other nutrient dense foods since it was founded in the 1999. Based on the work of a pioneering dentist who traveled the world in the 1930s investigating the dental health of indigenous peoples and documenting how they ate, the WAPF’s dietary recommendations run counter to many fads and fashions in contemporary dieting — which makes them all the more valuable a resource for those of us who just want to get to the truth on dietary and nutritional questions. For details on the WAPF Wise Traditions conference click here.

One of the issues the WAPF has addressed has been the overuse of soy products in human diets in recent times. Below are some youtube clips featuring WAPF founder Sally Fallon, talking about the dangers of Soy as a food for people:

For more summaries and such on these clips, see the Body Electronics blog

One of Dr. Price’s chief observations was that while primitive peoples had wide dental arches (i.e. wide mouths), modern children fed on a diet of processed foods have tended to have narrower mouths and tend to suffer from crowding of the teeth. Here’s a recent story by Janice Curtain, from Kimberly Hartke’s blog about the effect of a Weston A. Price style diet on children in a contemporary family:

“How Parents Can Save $8,000 on Orthodontics!

by Hartke is Online! Contributor, Janice Curtain

Standard American Diet teeth on left, WAPF diet teeth on right

Assuming you have two children, and the average cost of braces for each child  averages at least $4,000, you will probably need to spend over $8000 to straighten your children’s teeth.  But did you know research was done years ago that shows how this expense can be totally avoided?


Yes, It’s true.   Research was carried out by a famous dentist named Weston A. Price.  Dr. Price studied traditional cultures around the world that ate their native diet.  He found that these groups, who were not yet exposed to the refined and toxic foods of modern civilization, displayed beautiful teeth, as well as exceptional health and happiness.

They had almost no cavities—in general, less than 0.5 percent.  He continually found they had beautiful facial structure and normal dental bone development with room for all thirty-two teeth, which were straight and even.  In other words, because of good nutrition, they were able to fulfill their blueprint for perfect growth.

Compare that to today’s children who often have narrow faces.  Dental cavities are quite commonplace and are even considered to be normal and unavoidable.   We expect most children will need braces, which are painful, stressful, time consuming, and expensive.  Extraction of wisdom teeth is considered to be a normal rite of passage for most teens and young adults.  But have you ever considered that this was not meant to be?

Family of kids with healthy teeth -- priceless!

What did these early people eat?  Diets varied around the world, but none were vegetarian and in every case they consumed some combination of meat and organ meats, fish, shellfish, eggs, and raw milk, cheese and butter.   They did NOT eat  factory-made boxed cereals, canned or pasteurized milk, refined vegetable oils, sugar, or flour.  They did not have low fat or imitation foods.  Whole grains were traditionally prepared by soaking or fermenting to release nutrients and eliminate anti-nutrients.

The Sargeant family has seen all food, dental and medical costs drop, as a result of switching from the standard American diet to the Weston A. Price dietary guidelines.”

Once again, that story’s from Kimberly Hartke’s blog. Kimberly is a publicist for the WAPF.

More on the WAPF Wise Traditions Conference:


WASHINGTON, DC– October26, 2009– The Weston A. Price Foundation will celebrate its 10th year with a conference celebrating the many nutrient-dense foods considered sacred by traditional cultures. Health practitioners and lay persons will gather on November 13-15, 2009 in the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center, Schaumburg, Illinois to learn about the vital nutrients found in seafood and grass-fed animal products. Speakers will cover both scientific and practical aspects of nutrition, from research on fat-soluble vitamins to nontoxic farming methods and food preparation.

Founded in 1999, the Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to returning nutrient-dense foods to American tables. Listed as the 7th most popular nutrition website on the website-rating website alexis.com, the Foundation boasts 11,000 members and almost 400 local chapters in the U.S. and overseas. Wise Traditions, the Foundation’s quarterly journal, focuses on the scientific validation of traditional foodways.

The November conference will feature tracks on healing with whole foods, holistic cancer treatments, anti-nutrients in plant foods, direct farm-to-consumer sales, pasture-based farming and the economics of a whole foods lifestyle. Special topics include successful treatment of infertility, GERD/acid reflux, autism and Alzheimer’s disease using cod liver oil, raw milk products, coconut oil, egg yolks and fats and organ meats from grass-fed animals.

The holistic cancer treatment track will be shared by New York physician Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and San Francisco physician Dr. Thomas Cowan. Gonzales began his career under Dr. Robert A. Good, considered the father of modern immunology, and completed a research study evaluating nutritional therapy in the treatment of advanced cancer. His nutritional research has received substantial financial support from the National Cancer Institute. Results from a pilot study published in 1999 described the most positive data in the medical literature for pancreatic cancer. Dr. Thomas Cowan is an expert in the use of Iscador (mistletoe extract) for cancer patients, which has widespread acceptance in Europe and many positive reports in the scientific literature. Dr. Cowan combines Iscador therapy with a diet of whole, traditional foods.

Three world-renowned authors will present pre-conference seminars on Friday, November 13: Dr. Natasha-Campbell McBride, author of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome; Dr. Louisa Williams, author of Radical Medicine; and Sally Fallon Morell, author of Nourishing Traditions.

For further information about WAPF, visit www.westonaprice.org. For the conference schedule or to register for the conference visit the conference page or phone (304) 724-3006


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3 responses to “Weston A. Price Found. Wise Traditions conference in Chicago Nov 13-16, 2009

  1. thebovine

    More “Yummy” details about WAPF Wise Traditions conference in Chicago, from Kimberly Hartke:


  2. Hey all you Canadians, I hope you’ll be joining us in Chicago! Online registrations will be taken until noon on Tuesday, Nov 10. Day passes are now on sale for $75.00 (no meals). And there will be FREE exhibit hall passes at the door.

    David Gumpert is the keynote at Saturday’s banquet, he will be talking about his new book, The Raw Milk Revolution!

    We want you with us, and it will never get much closer to Canada than this!!


  3. steven crawford

    You can count me in, like to hear more from Chicago dentist about WAPF. Been thinking to start a community advocating WAPF’s vision.

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