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The men who stare at urban dairy goats

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a new movie out titled “The men who stare at goats“. While that’s all about military psyops and such, this post is actually about people who raise dairy goats in an urban setting.. for instance so they’ll have a ready supply of raw milk and not be dependent on the whims of regulators. This is an excerpt from Jennifer Coughlin’s excellent post on “Neighbourhood Notes” blog, titled “Goats in the City: Portland Neighbors Take a Step Towards Self-Sufficiency“:

And the goats are staring right back!

“I have said before that the lessons of our grandparents could really come in handy now that our gross economic negligence has come back to bite us in our entitled behinds (NOTE: I am making a big generalization for effect here, so don’t get upset if you don’t feel that you’re in any way responsible for the Fine Mess the U.S. finds itself in). It seems that others feel that way, too, that a return to the ways of our much more self-reliant ancestors is long overdue. Thus more and more folks are planting vegetable gardens, learning to sew and knit, and are even keeping livestock. Chicken coops (and even bee hives!) are a familiar sight around Portland, but some people are turning to another animal as well—the goat. Continue reading

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