Martial law in Ukraine — Austria next?

This just in, from Jane Burgermeister’s “The Flu Case”:

A mysterious plague-like flu has recently been afflicting the people of the Ukraine. Photo of Ukrainian Prime Minister Julia Timoschenko via Swine Flu Watch blog.

“On a cold, overcast December afternoon in 2004, I briefly met the Viktor Yuschenko, the Ukrainian President.

He had been treated for poisoning at a hospital in Döbling and when he was released, he held a press conference surrounded by doctors and attended by scores of journalists.

Yuschenko stood there barely saying a word, looking haggard and with a bluish pallor: his face was pock marked and his hair was an unnatural colour; his eyes were full of mistrust and fear even though the private Rudolfinerhaus clinic held few threats.

Five years on, this shattered looking individual, who was once the head of a pro democracy movement, is about to proclaim himself a dictator.

Ukraine is the first country to come under the control of the WHO and the UN under the International Health Regulations 2005, and the reality is that Yuschenko and his Prime Minister Julia Timoschenko are just carrying out the orders from WHO and the UN when they suspend civic rights and democracy under the pretext of fighting a pandemic emergency.

Whatever is left of freedom in the Ukraine is about to be extinguished.

Elections in January are set to be suspended.

Demonstrations have been banned.

Political opponents have been prohibited from travelling inside areas put under quarantine.

Borders have been partly closed already.

Critics of a mass vaccination campaign are facing criminal prosecution and goal.

Huge swathes of land have been put under quarantine.

Plans are in the works for the forced vaccination of people with a toxic and untested swine flu vaccine. The US government is planning to send nearly a million doses of the jab. a substance classified as a bioweapon, to the Ukraine by early December…..

Pregnant women and children are the first to be given the jab which Yuschenko using the twisted logic and lies worthy of the Nazi Propagandist Josef Goebbels has said must be administered to them to “protect their health”….”

Get the whole story from The Flu Case.

Meanwhile, Poland is not “getting with the program”:

“The Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said yesterday that the lobbyists of pharmaceutical companies were responsible for creating the hysteria sweeping the globe over the „swine flu“ virus.

According to a report on the Polish TV channel, TVN24, Tusk said that the hysteria over the swine flu was being created in order to force governments to pay out millions on contracts for pandemic vaccines.

Tusk said that the Polish government would not spend large sums on vaccines for the relatively harmless swine flu when the seasonal flu kills more people.

Also, he criticised the pharmaceutical companies for trying to shift their responsibility for paying compensation for any death and damage that their vaccines cause onto the government.

“We know that the companies that are offering the vaccines against the H1N1 flu do not want to take responsibility for the secondary effects of the vaccine. They refuse to put [the vaccines] onto their market because their legal responsibility will be larger. They demand clauses which are probably not in conformity with Polish laws, and which pass all responsibilty to the government of a country for the secondary effects and eventual compensation,“ Tusk said, according to the AFP.

Tusk expressed support for the stance of the Health Minister Ewa Kopacz, a family doctor, who has refused to buy the swine flu jabs on the grounds they are not adequately tested by the medical authorities.

The Polish Deputy Minister for Health Adam Fronczak also noted that more people had died in the swine flu vaccines than from the actual virus in one country, apparently Sweden, according to TVN24.

“In one of the countries where there was a big contract for vaccines, two people died because of h1n1 but four people allegedly died a few hours after vaccination,“ he said…”

Read more about the Polish situation


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4 responses to “Martial law in Ukraine — Austria next?

  1. thebovine

    Latest update on the situation in the Ukraine from Swine Flu Watch blog:

  2. thebovine

    More on the Ukraine story from a news source in South Africa:

    That Mossad microbiologist in the U.S.:

    Reports of aerial spraying before the outbreak of plague:

    Gee, do you suppose there might be a connection?

  3. mairyone

    I am lucky to live in a country of common sense and everlasting budget gap. I agree with government’s statement.

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