Poland won’t order vaccines unless Pharma companies accept liability

That’s unlike other countries like Canada and the U.S. where governments have absolved companies in advance for any damage claims resulting from untested H1N1 vaccines. Here’s an excerpt from the report on Jane Burgermeister’s “The Flu Case” website. Video below, from Health Ranger Mike Adams, is not directly related to this story, although it is about the flu and the vaccine.

“The Polish Health Minister and family doctor Ewa Kopacz has said she will only sign a contract for the swine flu jabs if pharmaceutical companies agree to accept liability and take responsibility for paying compensation in the even that the vaccines cause damage or death.

“I will sign only when pharamceutical companies take responsibility of the vaccines.I guarantee it,” Kopacz is reported to have said on Polish TV.

The unwillingness of the pharmaceutical companies to accept any liability for their vaccines has fuelled fears that they are well aware of how pontentially damaging these jabs are, especially for children and pregnant women, and have positioned themselves in advance to avoid claims.

Pharmaceutical companies have not conducted clinical trials on the new vaccines contanining mercury and squalene. The safety and effectiveness of the swine flu vaccine does not have to be proven before they are administered to people under special pandemic emergency vaccine approval guidelines issued by the European drug regulator, the EMEA..

The Europen Union has also passed a decree that gives pharmaceutical companies blanket immunity in the event of their vaccines causing damaging if a pandemic emergency is declared.”

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One response to “Poland won’t order vaccines unless Pharma companies accept liability

  1. Roberto, Italy

    Great Ewa.
    You are the Health Minister I’d like to have in Italy
    The courage to say NO without pharmaceutical companies responsibility !
    Keep on doining in this way !
    Your Eurpean colleagues should learn from you !

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