Wisconsin raw dairy farmers & friends urged to speak up at DATCP meeting

This excerpt is from the PPJ Gazette:

“DATCP board is meeting on Nov 11th with public comment period beginning at 10:30 am in Madison. Max Kane called me with this information. Attached is the agenda and members bio provided by Max.

Karen Schultz is the DATCP employee in legal services who takes minutes for these meetings.  Her number is 608-224-5023. I called her this morning. She told me that public comment period begins at 10:30 am. We can register the day of the meeting, Karen said if not many people show up each person can talk for 5 minutes, if many people show up everyone get 2 minutes.

DATCP board is the group that approves administrative rule changes.!!! This board approved the rule changes that is putting so much pressure on the raw milk producers today.

What do you think of asking your consumers to go to Madison and be at this meeting.  If we can get 200 people it will set a tone of seriousness.  Now is the time!  I believe we need  people from each group to attend.

We do not have much time as usual. I believe a report on the effects of this rule change needs to be presented.  Karen said in the past if 25 people show up the DATCP board will allow a letter to be read for all the people they represent rather than each individual speaking.  I think a combination of a report telling the effects of the rule changes and enforcement is important and then individuals speaking their heart and mind is the way to go.

This is an opportunity. This DATCP board meets every other month with sometimes meeting every month.  I did not get the schedule of meetings.

We need to take every opportunity to bring Raw Milk out in the open.  Be forewarned that DATCP and health department officials are going to attack us with a vengeance. They will try to paint us as unreasonable fringe ex-hippies as one lobbyist cautioned me. The way forward is not for the fainthearted.  AS we become more public we are open to more attacks. This is the game we are in as distasteful as it may be.

Do you have the people organized in your group to act now and take advantage of this opportunity to be in front of the DATCP board?  (I think visiting this board should be in our strategic plan for raw milk legalization and we should have someone attending each month.)

We have today and tomorrow to see if anyone can attend.  I am willing to commit to being there for the meeting. Max said he is attending.

Please send this out to your customers and ask your best organizers to attend and we consumers can meet each other and share information and work on strategy  after the meeting.

The address of the meeting is:  2811 Agriculture Dr. Location:Board Room, Madison.

Each person who wants to speak needs to fill out an appearance card  with Karen Schultz. Meeting begins at 9am. Karen said it would be helpful if we arrive by 10am to fill out the appearance card.

Board Room just to the right of the main doors….”

Get the whole story on the PPJ Gazette blog

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