Third anniversary of raw milk raid at Glencolton Farms — press conference at Queens Park, Toronto, Nov. 17, ’09

Cows at Glencolton Farms still give raw milk 3 years after the raid in 2006. Andrea Lemieux photo

November 21. 2009 marks the 3rd anniversary of the raid on raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farm in southern Ontario, where 25 armed MNR officers tried to shut down a successful raw milk farm in operation since 1990.

Officers confiscated cheese-making equipment, seized all computers and records, and took dairy products valued at approximately $3,000 for destruction at the local dumpsite.

Michael Schmidt will appear at the Queen’s Park press room at 9:30 am on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009. He is returning to Queen’s Park for the 5th time to update the Premier and his Ministers on developments and consumer response to the ongoing controversy surrounding the right to choose either safe raw milk or pasteurized milk for personal consumption.

“At every press conference, I have provided the Premier and his Ministers with proposals that serve as a starting point for a constructive dialogue to address this important issue of health, safety and personal choice,” says Mr. Schmidt.

Until now there has been no response to any of these proposals.

Since the raid in 2006, Glencolton Farms’ herd size has doubled and its Cowshare membership has almost doubled, as well. Mr. Schmidt’s familiar Blue Bus, which provides raw milk as well as produce, meats and baked goods from Glencolton Farms, has made the trip to Toronto for 156 weeks without being successfully stopped by Public Health or other government officials.

Almost 400,000 servings of safe unpasteurized (raw) milk have been consumed by close to 200 Cowshare members and their families in those 3 years without a single incidence of illness.

In contrast, over 20 people have been killed due to listeriosis contamination in government-approved foods and there have been several major outbreaks of food-borne illness in fast-food restaurants. In addition, the large numbers of recalls of government approved foods bring into sharp focus the disparity between regulation and safety.

For further information, contact Michael Schmidt at Glencolton Farms (519-369-8137) or


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