Ohio student didn’t want vaccination, restrained by police to get H1N1 shot

Excerpted from a story by Shelley Hanson, from The intelligencer:

This picture is of another boy (not the one in Ohio) who left hospital in a wheelchair nearly a week after developing severe headaches, muscle spasms and weakness in his legs following a swine flu shot. CDC says there was no clear link. I guess that means the boy in Ohio really had nothing to be afraid of, right? Photo by Brendan Smialowski for msnbc.com See excerpt of story at bottom of this post.

“WHEELING – It took the strength of two sheriff’s deputies to keep a middle schooler still enough to receive a shot of the swine flu, or H1N1, vaccine at a recent clinic.

During a regular Wheeling-Ohio County Health Board meeting Tuesday, health department Administrator Howard Gamble told board members about the student’s attempt to flee Wheeling Middle School during a vaccination clinic held there last Friday.

He noted the boy’s mother could not bear to watch the scene and left the gymnasium. Out of apparent fear of receiving the injection, the student ran out of the building. The school’s resource officer, Ohio County Sheriff’s Deputy John Haglock, coaxed the boy back inside. Once at the shot station, however, Haglock apparently needed some help keeping the boy still, and another deputy assisted.

“He tried to run. I looked over and saw two sheriff’s deputies holding a kid down,” Gamble said. “Mom took off, she couldn’t take it. You had one nurse with the needle, two deputies holding him, one nurse is grabbing hands – because that’s what they want to do, to go after the needle. And that’s the last thing you want.”

Gamble said as soon as the nurse gave the boy his injection and told him he was done, he hopped up like nothing had happened.

“For the most part they go very easy. As far as the shots, every once in awhile you have to hold down one or two – but that’s why mom is there or dad is there,” Gamble said.

He added after the meeting that Friday’s incident was the only time Ohio County deputies have held a student during a shot.

“They’re mostly there for parking and directions. They also know the kids. …”

Read the whole thing here.

Va. teen suffers rare illness after swine flu shot (story related to the picture)
Boy diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, but CDC says no clear link

By JoNel Aleccia, Health writer, msnbc.com

A 14-year-old Virginia boy is weak and struggling to walk after coming down with a reported case of Guillain-Barre syndrome within hours after receiving the H1N1 vaccine for swine flu.

Jordan McFarland, a high school athlete from Alexandria, Va., left Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children Tuesday night in a wheelchair nearly a week after developing severe headaches, muscle spasms and weakness in his legs following a swine flu shot. He will likely need the assistance of a walker for four to six weeks, plus extensive physical therapy.

“The doctor said I’ll recover fully, but it’s going to take some time,” the teenager said.

Jordan is among the first people in the nation to report developing the potentially life-threatening muscle disorder after receiving the H1N1 vaccine this fall. His alarming reaction was submitted via msnbc.com’s reader reporting tool, First Person, by his stepmother, Arlene Connin.

Increased cases of GBS were found in patients who received a 1976 swine flu vaccine, but government health officials say they’ve seen no rise in the condition associated with the current outbreak.

So far, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have received five reports of GBS in people who received the H1N1 vaccine since Oct. 6, not including Jordan’s case, said Dr. Claudia J. Vellozzi, deputy director for immunization safety.

Read the rest of this story

Ontario won’t force health care workers to get flu shot: McGuinty (a Sept 23 story from the Ottawa Citizen)

“TORONTO — Ontario will not force H1N1 vaccinations on its health care workers, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Wednesday.

“I don’t think we can hold anyone down and inject them with a vaccine if they don’t want it,” McGuinty told reporters.

Last month, New York state introduced emergency regulations mandating seasonal and swine flu vaccinations for all hospital and some health and hospice workers. It is the first North American jurisdiction to do so.

While health officials in New York welcomed the move, unions bristled at it.

In Ontario, one union head threatened “civil disobedience” if a similar program were introduced….”

Get the full story from Global News.

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  1. joe

    take a look at what a radio talk show host discovered in NY last month. When he went public with the fact that wife of the NY State Health Commissioner (director? administrator?…) works for Goldman Sachs who’s been handling the loans (and hence huge profits) for the vaccine mfr and so obviously has a vested interest in ramming vaccines down all our throats. So yeh, NY State suddenly backed down when that DJ went public with the news. think I dug that up on alternet or commondreams.org or tvnewslies.org

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