Michael Schmidt news conference tomorrow morning at Queen’s Park

Next Saturday November 21st, it will be three years since the Ministry of Natural Resources staged an armed raid on Glencolton Farms over raw milk. See video:

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 17th, farmer Michael Schmidt will hold what has become an annual press conference to update members of provincial parliament on further developments following that November 2006 raid. In the past, concerned cow share members and interested citizens have also taken part in these press conferences, both as speakers and as listeners.

Also in the past, information packets on raw milk, including details of laws and regulations in other countries such as Britain where raw milk is allowed were personally delivered to the offices of MPPs at Queens’ Park in Toronto. At one point, not long after the raid in 2006, a private members’ bill was introduced in the house proposing to study the raw milk issue with a view to re-evaluating the laws currently in place in the province. Perhaps due to what seemed like lobbying from the “Dairy Farmers of Ontario” (formerly the Milk Marketing Board), this bill came to naught.

Since then the case has gone to trial and people are awaiting the results of both the trial itself and the related charter challenge. We expect to hear something on this by the 21st of January, 2010. Until then, regulatory efforts to stop Michael Schmidt and Glencolton Farms seem to be at an ebb. Milk continues to flow to cow share members who continue to not get sick from it, as they have not been getting sick from it, for the past twelve years.

For full details on tomorrow’s press conference, see this earlier post.

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  1. Wow – powerful video! Thank you for posting it.
    It shows everything we need to see.

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