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Did Toronto’s H1N1 “Poster Boy” really die of H1N1, or was it something else?

Here’s an excerpt from a significant story from the Canadians for Health Freedom blog. Hearing about this boy’s supposed sudden death from H1N1 galvanized public interest in getting the vaccination so it was certainly a succesful PR campaign. But was the story at the core it all true?

Did this boy really die of H1N1 flu?

“Over the past few days, we have received information from one very reliable known source (and three additional informants too frightened to use their names) indicating that the death of Evan Frustaglio was not due to H1N1:  rather, he succumbed to an acute case of meningitis, possibly exacerbated by his playing hockey that weekend. We further were informed that health authorities were absolutely aware that this was the case, yet perpetuated the myth that young Evan died from a virulent case of the H1N1 Flu, assisted by an eager media.

A knee-jerk response to tragedy

The result of the publicity surrounding the 13-year-old athlete’s tragic death was the lining up of thousands upon thousands of people, children in strollers, babes in arms, waiting for hours for vaccination. Many people interviewed in those lineups said that they were there because they were frightened by how quickly the boy died, with doctors unable to save him. Continue reading


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Canadian Constitution Foundation to take up the cause of access to raw milk

Here’s an excerpt from a story that appeared in the Western Standard, following yesterday’s press conference at Queen’s Park:

Lawyer Karen Selick, of the Canadian Constitution Foundation announced her organization's support for the cause of raw milk in Canada at yesterday morning's news conference at Queens Park, Toronto.

“At a press conference at Queen’s Park today, the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) announced its support for a court case involving consumer choice, freedom of contract, and the right to earn an honest living free from government regulation that is arbitrary, unreasonable, unnecessary and unfair.

The case concerns Ontario dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, who has been providing unpasteurized milk to consumers for approximately 20 years without a single incident of illness attributable to milk borne germs. Continue reading


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