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Cow shares available in Lafayette, LA

This just in from the “Living in the land of milk and honey” blog:

“Buy a cow – Buy half a cow- Buy a head of a cow or a quarter. I don’t mind, just buy a cow. I will care for her here if you don’t have the room. I will groom her, milk her, and just love her up for you. We are pasture – based and feed NO corn or soy. We feed grass hay and alfala hay. We milk by hand and store in glass jars. Email me for details: ttaylor1967@cox.net for the details.

Here are the cows we have for sale:

A pretty nice A2 cow -- that gives milk that's not like what you get at the store.

Here is Momma Cow. She is available for cow shares only.  She is a Jersey/ Guernsey cross. She is 7 years old and has had 4 calves. She is open and in milk, giving 3 gallons a day. I will be breeding her in May or June of 2010 for a spring 2011 calf.  She is easily re-bred and takes on the first breeding. She calves easily and is a good momma cow. She has been tested and has the A2 milk gene.This simply means her milk is easily digestible….”

Get the whole story from the land of milk and honey blog.


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