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A brief history of raw milk in Ontario

This chronology is admittedly not all inclusive as it focuses solely on Glencolton Farms and Michael Schmidt. Other raw milk producers have certainly been operating in the province during these years. However, we unfortunately don’t have sufficient information on their stories to be able to include them properly in this survey:

Out behind the barns at Glencolton Farms. Photo: Andrea Lemieux

1990 Michael Schmidt starts first cow share model in Ontario at Glencolton Farms

1994 Grey Bruce Health unit raids Glencolton Farms

1994 Charges are laid under the Milk Act and the Health Protection and Promotion Act. Under duress Michael Schmidt pleads guilty to protect his family from further threats. He receives a $3,500 fine and a 2 year probation. Schmidt lost 2/3 of his farm and most of his cows. Continue reading

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From farmers to underclass citizens

A reader writes to Joe Bageant, author of both the book and the blog titled “Deer Hunting with Jesus“:

Author Joe Bageant with friends, in Belize, his second home. Photo Arvin Hill

“…..As for me, I was born working class, well, underclass, truth be told. My dad had been a prosperous farmer post World War Two, but after he lost the farm, he had no other skills to fall back on. He became a house painter, working from dawn till dusk. When his health failed, he became a janitor. My mom was a nurse’s aid at a time when not only didn’t you need a certificate, you didn’t even need to show an 8th grade diploma.

It was my bad fortune to be born long after the farm was gone, so all I ever heard from my parents was how wonderful everything use to be, and how shitty it is now. I was one of those quiet, bookish, pessimistic little kids, having little in common with my parents or peers. But rural poverty will have its effect, and I grew up to hold the same jobs as everybody else, working at Wal-Mart, Kroger, and at gas stations which seemed to change their names every few months. I never had what most would consider a real job. I guess because I never felt I deserved it….” — Dave

And now, an excerpt from Joe Bageant’s reply: Continue reading

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