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“What would Jesus buy?” — Raw milk?

“What would Jesus buy?” is the question from Reverend Billy and his “Church of Life After Shopping”. The Reverend is a full-blown culture jammer if ever there was one. Yeah I know this is a little off topic on a raw milk blog, but it’s just so funny I couldn’t resist. The following is from the Greenhorns “Irresistable Fleet of Bicycles” blog:

"When the going gets tough... the tough get weird" Reverend Billy on his Christmas tour with the "Life after Shopping Gospel Choir" in Union Square... only in America!!!

“We start on Buy Nothing Day, Friday Nov 27, 5 AM – trying to convert the Consumers at the front-door of Macy’s. Then off to the Valley Stream Wal-Mart to remember Jdimytai Damour. The on-the-road part of the tour starts with the Rev in Minneapolis and St. Paul, then Savitri joining him in Los Angeles and Pasadena. They return to the 40 voice gospel singathon at the Christmas Revival at the Brooklyn Lyceum on Saturday December 12th. Then on the 17th, 18th and 19th, the full choir buses up to Albany, Troy and east to Greenfield, Massachusetts. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt calls police because of threat from an MNR officer, and Grey County Chief Medical Officer of Health, Hazel Lynn gets a $100,000 pay raise

There’s certainly a poignant human story behind the recent events described below. As we understand it, when Susan Atherton approached Michael Schmidt about becoming a cow share member in the fall of 2006 she told him she was sick and hoped that the drinking raw milk would help improve her health — a common enough sentiment among those who seek out raw milk. Of course, seeing as how it turns out she became a cow-share member to obtain milk samples for the government, she probably never did get to drink any. So it’s little wonder that Michael was concerned about how she was doing and decided to give her a call.

Government agent/cow share member Susan Atherton/Susan Taylor investigates the barn where the cows are kept at Glencolton Farms during her undercover operations there in the autumn of 2006.

The world is a strange place, or maybe Canada is a strange place.

Hazel Lynn Chief Medical Officer of Health in our region gets a pay raise of $100,000. She now makes $275.000 a year plus expenses. For what? Continue reading


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Raw milk breakthrough in Michigan

A process of meetings and dialog involving raw milk advocates and regulators, such as Michael Schmidt has long asked for in Ontario, is beginning to yield fruit in Michigan. Here’s part of what David E. Gumpert, of the Complete Patient blog reports about recent exciting developments in that process:

“Did you ever think you’d see this statement endorsed by dairy regulators?

“Milk fresh from the cow is a complete, living, functional food…the full benefits…are only realized when all of these components function as a complex interdependent and balanced process.”

Or how about this:

“Of all the milk constituents, the milk fat globule is the most drastically altered by the combination of pasteurization and homogenization.”

After endless reassurances from scientists and other officials in public health, agriculture, medicine, and government that there’s no difference between pasteurized and unpasteurized milk, we are now being told something entirely different by an organization that includes top dairy regulators and an agriculture university dean (along with a number of raw milk proponents). The organization is the Michigan Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk Workgroup, which includes among its members the two top dairy officials of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and a dean of the Michigan State University College of Agriculture. Continue reading

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