Michael Schmidt’s New-Year’s Message

Here is raw milk farrmer Michael Schmidt’s review of significant events involving raw milk and Glencolton Farms in 2009:

Michael Schmidt talks to a Toronto Star reporter outside the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket, Oct. 2009

Dear Friends

Another year comes to an end. Many things have been evolving in a very positive way. This is encouraging and heart warming.

Let me reflect on our great journey in 2009.

This has been the third year since the raid in 2006. Glencolton Farms has evolved on many levels despite the constant invisible threat of authorities and organisations connected to our raw milk battle.

The farm has nearly doubled its herd of cows and expanded also its farm share members.

The cow share ownership is currently in the process of being transferred to a farm share ownership in the Agri Cultural Renewal Co-operative which now owns Glencolton Farms. We also managed to buy another 200 acres which was part of the farm prior to the first milk war in 1994.

All in all we are making progress and most important we are paving the way for a new understanding of how we relate to our food and our farmers.

Food has become such a central issue in our lives. Food is officially ignored as a nourishing substance. Food has become entertainment, food has become a weapon.

Those who are aware of this fact begin to raise their voices. Those who encounter the increasing loss of food freedom are gaining momentum and begin to take action.

For most of those who are not aware about the connection between health and nutrition it is an eye opener to see us battle with determination for this basic and fundamental right. Most have yet to discover that most of the food in the shelves are a real threat to our health.


Glencolton Farms becomes a Co-operative called Agri-Cultural Renewal Co-operative or ARC.

My highlight this year was the 6 day milk trial in Newmarket and the first raw milk symposium in Toronto. Our two expert witnesses Ron Hull from Australia and Ted Beals from Michigan presented in a wonderful way a more real scientific approach to the raw milk debate contrary to the hostile attitude of our friends on the other side. Yes after all raw milk is a life giving substance for so many. Guelph Organic Conference has a major problem accepting us as exhibitors. Its all political.


A treat of a different kind. I attended the Anti Raw milk symposium of the International Food Association together with Sally Fallon,her husband Geoffrey Morell, and David Gumbert. Not to our surprise the most important anti raw milk bureaucrat of the FDA John Sheehan cancelled as well as his 15 other bureaucrats. At least there was no official anti raw milk publication endorsed by this conference because of our presence. Thanks to Sally Fallon hosting me in her home.


We are again present with our famous food freedom battle at the Total Health Show and the Green Living Show in Toronto. Hundreds of people sign up to support the cause. Thanks to Paul our man who organizes our presence at these shows.


Toronto Life magazine chooses Michael Schmidt, who is leading a world wide fight to legalize raw milk as one of 50 top reasons why the world should visit Toronto.
I also give the key note speech at the Holistic Nutrition Conference in Toronto.


Our annual open house attracts many people including an incognito local health inspector, which was discovered by others. However we showed him in details our sneaky clean operation.


Michael  gives another keynote speech  at the Canadian Institute for Heilkunst (Homeopathy) in Ottawa.


I am arrested twice and charged for protesting and stopping the construction at Site 41 where Simcoe County had started construction of a dumpsite on one of the cleanest aquifers in the world. I am in jail for 4 days. I joined many brave souls in this battle. The protest was lead by our First Nations People.

Dump site 41 was finally voted down and is closed.

A Tornado rips through the farm but only destroys sugar bush and tree lines around the fields. Other farms buildings get destroyed completely. Lots of clean up.


I speak and present Norman Lofts documentary about our Raw milk battle at the Hot and Spicy Festival in Toronto.

Once again we are present at Feast of Fields in Kleinburg.

We have a wonderful Harvest festival at the farm.


I am speaker in Ottawa at the Canadian Organic Growers Conference.

We have our annual press conference at Queens Park. The Canadian Constitution Foundation takes on our  legal battle to legalize raw milk.

I am honoured to be invited as closing speaker at the Wise Tradition Conference in Chicago.


I join the raw milk fight in Wisconsin in support of the farmers there, who are under a major attack.

After a lengthy struggle we are able to buy 200 acres back for Glencolton Farms. This land was lost in 1995 after the first raw milk war.

From Cow share to Farm share we did it.

Dear friends you can see how this raw milk battle has become a major movement in North America. We all know that the control and manipulation of our food is becoming a major concern for more and more people. If we do not connect nutrition and health we will fall prey to what is very obvious by now. Drugs, more drugs and even more drugs.

We are on the cutting edge of a major battle over food rights, individual liberties and our fundamental rights.

Blessings and thanks to all who have come a very long way to help.

Thanks also to our friends in Government for opening our eyes to what we have lost and what we need to regain.

On January 21 2010 we will finally hear the ruling on our first trial.

What ever the ruling will be, we know where we have to go.

Heartfelt thanks to each and every one who supported this battle.

2010 will be a good year

— Michael Schmidt



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2 responses to “Michael Schmidt’s New-Year’s Message

  1. Barbara Evans

    Dear Michael,
    Congratulations on your great success yesterday! My grandfather in B.C. fought against pasteurisation way back in the early 20th century, and the cause has always been of great interest to me.

    I am a documentary filmmaker and a professor at York University in the Film Department there. I’m sure there must be a documentary film being made about you and your struggles, but if not, I would be very interested in talking to you about the possibility.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and congratulations again!

    All the best,

    Barbara Evans

  2. thebovine


    Norman Lofts made a 45 minute film about the earlier stages of the Michael Schmidt raw milk saga. It won a prize at a film festival last winter and was aired a couple of times on CBC Newsworld. There are numerous posts about this in the back pages of the Bovine which you can find using the search box.

    Currently another group has just finished shooting for a film on Michael Schmidt that they play to premiere at Hot Docs this spring.

    And yet another group is working on a series about milk, in which the raw milk controversy and Michael Schmidt will be an important theme.

    Of course you’re welcome to contact Michael if you want to talk further about filmmaking possibilities.

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