Mark McAfee at Acres U.S.A. conference

Here’s an excerpt from the first of four posts on Kimberly Hartke’s blog, of California raw milk farmer Mark McAfee’s presentation at the recent Acres U.S.A. conference titled “Taking back the American food chain”:

California raw milk farmer Mark McAfee with his wife Blaine

“Two years ago a kind, soft spoken gentle older woman came to me under the Vine covered arches of the Fresno Farmers market. She spoke in short sentences with both hands on her stomach as she endured her abdominal crisis and stood slightly bent forward in pain . She said….I have IBS and take the purple pill costing $200 dollars per month and other drugs but they do not seem to work and it is getting worse and the doctors can not do anything more for me. They are talking about possible surgery to take out the part that is causing the pain.

She said that her friends had told her that our food can maybe help her because it had helped them. Her story was so much like so many other consumers that had come to OPDC to find Raw Milk and Raw Milk Kefir to heal their IBS and Ulcers. I gave her two quarts of Raw Milk Kefir with out charge and said these are on me. I taught her how to make Kefir smoothies using our Raw Milk Kefir and the many wonderful whole raw foods found at the farmers market. Raw pastured eggs, raw honey, strawberries and blueberries.

She came back every week for months and months. Then she appeared with her husband on a day when a film crew was scheduled to film a story about raw milk. Her husband came to me with tears welling up in his eyes and speaking choked up….he said “ I have a new wife, she takes no drugs and feels great… she has a new life.. She is young again and she stands up tall and her pain is gone. We can travel. Thank you so very much”. I told him it was an honor to have helped his wife, but that he and his wife needed to tell their story to the film crew so that others that are also suffering could also heal.

A middle aged man with diabetes and bad foot circulation came to the farmers market in Santa Monica three years ago with a gangrene infected foot. The Kaiser hospital in LA had prescribed the surgical removal of his entire foot. He objected and instead chose to over dose daily on raw milk Kefir and raw colostrum. In eight weeks he healed most of his foot and lost just one toe and walks with no limp and a big smile.

There are stories of osteoporosis bone healing and recovery from “dead jaw syndrome” caused by FDA approved Fosomax osteoporosis medication, using phosphatase enzyme and calcium rich raw milk.

There are heart felt stories of children recovering from years of Asthma and bone and tooth depleting corticosteriod medication side effects, with just drinking a cup of raw milk every day.

People are awakening to the tragic dangers of highly processed American Soy products and their immune depressing, breast cancer stimulating, thyroid abusing and bone weakening effects and getting better quickly by eating whole foods and raw milk.

The stories are endless. The stores are true and they come from the mouths of real people. They speak mountains about how America has removed any connection between healing health and bio-active real whole complete foods.

This is why I love what I do and why I am crazy passionate. I love my consumers like family. They are family….”

Read the rest on Kimberly Hartke’s blog.

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