Cathy’s Tributes, Toasts and Congrats

Cathy is associated with the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and is in a good position to see what’ going on in the food freedom movement in America today. Here are some of the folks she singled out for special mention for New Year’s 2010 in her post titled “Stars in the Food and Farming Firmament“:

Cathy's masthead for her "Musings" blog features a great picture of Naomi Fournier of Birdsong cowshare in Enderby BC, with her cow, "Blossom". Photo by Naomi's sister.

“These activists and the character aptitude they represent are true stars in the food & farming firmament. May their contributions continue to ripple through time and space creating positive impacts far beyond our imaginings.

COMPASSIONSally Fallon Morell of the Weston A. Price Foundation – Her no-soy prison food lawsuit for the least of us, will benefit all of us when soy-based cafeteria foods fall like a house of cards.
CREATIVITY – Kristin Canty, Farmageddon – Her documentary film will help keep farmers from extinction exposing the heavy hand of government suppressing small farms.
CONNECTIVITY – Kim Hartke, HartkeIsOnline – Her blog gives the raw milk & small farm food movement a professional face and public forum.
CARING – Maureen Diaz, Traditional Foods Cook – Her DVDs gently beckon us back to the kitchen to cook with real foods, from scratch.
CONFIDENCE – Kevin Brown, the author of Liberation Diet – He will remedy the obesity epidemic and have people running to find a farmer – no doubt about it!
CONSISTENCY – Pete Kennedy, Esq. – took over the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund presidency this year, and offers hands-down-best-around guidance for farmers looking to expand their direct sales.
CLARITY – David Gumpert, The Complete Patient Blogger and Author of Raw Milk Revolution -his blog helps clarify the raw milk issues and is a call for government transparency.

Read the whole list on Cathy’s Musings.

Read more about Naomi Fournier and her B.C. cowshare.

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