Michael Schmidt’s Blessings for 2010

Dear Government officials
Dear Friends of Food Freedom
Dear Friends and supporters of this battle of raw milk.
My dear cow share and farm share owners.

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt

How silly it seems to have to fight for this right,to consume food we feel and know is right and healthy for us.

However, as silly it seems, as dangerous in fact is its implication, where we are heading: Total control of our food system established through the politics of fear and deceit.

At the beginning of this battle I was very much focused on the issue, by simply assuming that those, trying to control our well being, do not have enough information and without bad intention believe, that they in fact protect us from ourselves. How wrong I was.

In the last 3 years I had so many encounters with people “in power” and people, who feel increasingly threatened by the ever growing loss of food freedom. I know we are intentionally being prevented to maintain and improve our health through healthy food.

During my travels to the United States, where I have been asked many times to speak, the food freedom movement is gaining dramatically ground. I feel encouraged and saddened, that we seem to be heading into another phase of unnecessary confrontation.

Michael talks to reporters outside the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket following a trial in October of 2008.

So be it. All we demand, is the respect for our rights as spelled out in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. We do not ask for these rights to be returned to us, we ask those in power to respect and upheld our rights, which in the first place we never intended to give away.

This is OUR BODY and WE decide what we put into our body.

On January 21.2010 the Court will come down with a decision. Do not hold your breath. The Court will make a decision, which can go either way. It is important to realize prior to that ruling:

-that nobody can change our powerful determination,
-that we HAVE the right  to consume what we know is best for us and
-that WE have the responsibilty for OUR BODY and NOT the Government.

Friends this Year will be a good year: A year to remember for the courage of all of us, to rise up and regain, what we thought we had lost but never gave up:

OUR FREEDOM to make informed decisions, OUR FREEDOM as a right bestowed on us by our Creator.

I am prepared to go all the way, I am prepared to sacrifice, I am prepared to suffer the consequences. I will never back down. We together have gone too far to give up now.

Lets join hands in peace and move forward by resisting peacefully those, who disregard what is all sacred to us. OUR BODY

Blessings for a good 2010

Michael Schmidt.



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4 responses to “Michael Schmidt’s Blessings for 2010

  1. Level Headed

    If only a few thousand people were willing to stand firm on their own two feet with the balls of determination as Mr. Schmidt, these issues would be overturned.

    Until people vote and elect honest people as their MP, MPP and municipal representatives, this will continue to happen… as the saying goes, garbage in garbage out.

    People… VOTE!!!
    People… STAND!!!
    In democracy, YOU are in control of the government. How many countries would KILL to have the rights and power that you have as a simple constituent in a true national democracy?
    But if you sit on your ass and don’t vote and don’t stand for what’s right… of course! Look what happens!

    Get of your ass Canada. Do something. ANYTHING.

    • Michael

      Dear Vimy Ridge
      Thank you ,thank you ,thank you.
      This is most touching and heartwarming.
      It seems easier to combat the enemy from the outside than the enemy from the inside. Who is more dangerous. The enemy within.
      Ypu made my day regards Michael

  2. Shar

    Thank You!!!!
    May God Bless you Richly for standing firm for all of us!!!

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