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Michael Schmidt speaks to Canadian Organic Growers in Ottawa, Nov 29, ’09

The following is from a column by Michael Ilgert titled “Organically Speaking”, from the December/January edition of “The Landowner” magazine. Mr. Ilgert is chair of the Canadian Organic Growers Ottawa Chapter.

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt addresses the Canadian Organic Growers in Ottawa Nov. 2009

“Raw milk is not a health issue. It is a control issue,” proclaimed controversial organic raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt as he gave the keynote speech at Canadian Organic Growers — Ottawa Chapter’s Annual General Meeting in Ottawa on November 29th. Mr. Schmidt is referring to Canada’s milk marketing boards and various government health agencies which are denying those Canadian consumers who wish to obtain raw milk from doing so. Continue reading

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Getting past “religion” in raw milk war

Here’s an excerpt from a recent guest post by David E. Gumpert, from Marler Clark’s “Food Safety News” blog:

“…to him who preserves the life of a single individual it is counted that he hath preserved the whole race.” From rabbinic commentary on the Torah

Positions are often strongly polarized around the raw milk issue. Consumer activists often can be seen to be giving the impression that raw milk is God's gift to health.

While regulators may feel they are doing the world a favour by shutting down "dangerous radicals" whose ideas and practices endanger public health and threaten to overturn decades of "progress" in establishment "science". Both pictures from the "Spoils of War" blog.

I was surprised recently to see a newspaper article out of Montana quoting me as saying I have fewer coughs and colds since I’ve been drinking raw milk. Continue reading

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Raw milk being debated across Canada

The following news story and commentary comes to us via a post on a west-coast blog by Justin. The blog is called “Landwaterforks“.

Someone's fantasy of raw milk dangers? Obviously from "Family Guy" via Fox.

Here is an article I’ve come across in the Vancouver Sun, bringing into my mind the raw milk debate, which to be honest I haven’t given that much thought to. Should we be allowed to purchase unpasteurized milk and other related products? I can see both sides of this coin. As much as l like food products as natural as possible, there may be some health concerns, even if they are in the minimum of cases. I have had unpasteurized cheese before and have quite enjoyed it. I would have to say that if it were available to me, I would buy raw milk and cheese for my own consumption. Would I give it to my children, that’s another story.

I think that as long as you have reasonable access to a fresh product, we should be able to make our own decisions on whether or not we should consume raw dairy. The choice should be ours. Continue reading

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