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From Michael Schmidt to friends in B.C.

Ontario raw milk farmer Micheal Schmidt shares his thoughts and feelings regarding the latest action by B.C. regulators (see post below):

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt

With a thankful heart and inner joy do I follow your worthwhile struggle You are providing the public with the amazing opportunity to see how you are standing up to authorities in order to continue the flow of real nourishment to children, to the elderly and those who are sick and those who cannot and do not want to digest the foods forced upon all of us against our will.

As stronger the attacks by the authorities will become as more you will realize how you garner strength and determination to stand up for  all our rights. Health Units across Canada use any means to spread information which is tainted and misleading as you know by now.

Be not afraid of these tactics. Keep exposing them and keep challenging them.

This is our body, and we have the responsibility to put into our body food we know, we feel and experience is best for us. Continue reading

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B.C. Centre for Disease Control issues health advisory saying five samples of raw milk from Home on the Range tested positive for fecal contamination

Here’s what they’re saying in a health advisory apparently sent out to media on the afternoon of January 5th, 2010:

Unpasteurized Dairy Products Not Safe for Consumption

VANCOUVER – The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) is advising British Columbians to discard any unpasteurized dairy products from the Home on the Range raw dairy in Chilliwack.

As part of an ongoing investigation by public health officials in Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health, the BCCDC Public Health Labs recently tested products from this dairy, which distributes through a variety of outlets in the Lower Mainland. Products tested included unpasteurized raw milk, yogurt, cream, butter and cream cheese. Of these samples, five tested positive for fecal contamination.

These lab results mean these dairy products were contaminated with germs from the bowels of animals or humans. The risk of disease from consuming these unpasteurized products is very high and can cause serious illness in people, especially young children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems. Continue reading


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Author David E. Gumpert is coming to Newmarket Jan. 21 to hear the verdict in Michael Schmidt’s raw milk trial

As author of the recent book, “The Raw Milk Revolution” and publisher of “The Complete Patient” blog, David E. Gumpert is quite possibly the world’s foremost raw milk journalist.

David E. Gumpert -- possibly the world's foremost expert on the politics of raw milk in North America.

David seems to make a point of being wherever in North America raw milk news is happening. Last summer he was in Washington state as a guest speaker at the American Veterinary Medicine Association raw milk symposium. Earlier in the year he also attended the raw milk symposium near Washington D.C. — the one where U.S. Dairy Czar John Sheehan and his FDA colleages canceled at the last moment leaving people wondering whether it was the prospect of meeting raw milk supporters that scared him off.

David also attends court cases like the recent trial of Max Kane in Wisconsin. David is a raw milk consumer himself, but he became one only after becoming interested in the topic from a journalistic perspective. So you could say he’s doing “research” in the well-worn gonzo tradition of Hunter S. Thompson. Continue reading

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New York Times says ammonia-treated slime and scraps are regularly added to most U.S. ground beef that people eat

As if you needed another reason not to eat beef from mainstream sources….

But how will this (NY Times) story come across to the general public. They’ll say or they’ll think “yuck, the government should do something about this”. And when they hear that the Senate is working on passing a “food safety” bill S-510, they’ll think that’s “a good thing” or “long overdue”. And little will they suspect — not realizing that they live in the age of Orwell in which “war is peace” — that current “food safety” bills are more about consolidating corporate control over the food system and that, far from improving food safety, this bill would legislate out of business those few growers of truly safe food who still endure. See our earlier stories on S-510 for more on this.

Ammonia-flavoured beef trimmings -- Yuuuum.... NOT! Photo by Tony Cenicola, New York Times

You’re not going to believe what you’ve been eating the last few years (thanks, Bush! thanks meat industry lobbyists!) when you eat a McDonald’s burger (or the hamburger patties in kids’ school lunches) or buy conventional ground meat at your supermarket: Continue reading

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